Team 7 First Grade News

Together we achieve great things!

September 28, 2015

The little people in Room 7 are “great and getting greater!” Each and every child is displaying "super character." Our classroom is alive with first graders spontaneously engaging in thoughtful conversations about books, collaboratively exploring solutions to problems, and best of all empowering each other to be the best they can be. Believe me; it just doesn’t get any better!

Our Week in Review

In our quest to be strong readers, the children have pledged to read every day and read everything in sight as they go about their daily lives. We are learning reading strategies; tools we can use to help us read words. Just as builders have tools to help them construct buildings, readers have their very own special toolbox to help them figure out tricky words. Reading is a magical and yet complex process in which the child must use decoding strategies while holding onto the meaning of the text. When we equip children with the correct tools or strategies, they challenge themselves to read and understand higher-level text. They read with passion!

Reading is a special thing

The words that I have read

They do not stay inside the book

They stay inside my head.

Super Readers Calendar

Your child will be participating in an exciting reading incentive program starting in the month of October. All your child needs to do is spend 15 minutes or more a day reading, either independently or being read to by an adult. After each reading session, he or she asks an adult to initial the date on the monthly calendar and record the number of minutes read. At the end of the month, please add up the total number of minutes/hours and send the completed calendar into school. All children who reached the reading goal will receive recognition for their outstanding effort. In the very near future, the children will be able to bring home just right leveled books from our classroom library. Every minute spent reading can be calculated and recorded as reading minutes. Please keep the reading calendar in a safe, easily accessible place.

Children really do learn to read by reading. Reading is a time of peace, of adventure, of exploration, of just enjoying a good story. Thank you for making reading a priority. Please remember to initial your child's reading calendar each night.

We are writers!

We are finding seeds for stories as we travel through our daily lives. In this unit, I will be encouraging the children to write stories about little events that happen in the course of their day. We are focusing on growing our stories across the pages just like real authors. So, the antics that happen when I slipped on a marker and spilled goldfish all over the floor or the tooth that popped out in the middle of lunch provide seeds for wonderful small moment stories. Please feel free to jot down seeds for you child to write about or send in photographs as I am sure wild and crazy things happen at home as well. We certainly would love to hear about them through your child's writing.


We are winding down on our first math unit. On Tuesday, October 6th, we will have a math assessment. I will be sending home two activity sheets that serve as excellent practice reviews and confidence boosters.

The children have been working hard to build their number sense and practice counting skills.

Unit 1 Math Targeted Skills:

· Counting by 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s

· Counting objects (like pennies)by 2’s and 5’s

· Writing numbers that come before and after

· Comparing numbers (finding the larger number)

· Writing numbers from 0 to 10

· Using tally marks to show a number

· Writing a number to match a set of tally marks

*Check out the on-line resources at

More Exciting Adventures

In Social Studies, the children had fun exploring the other first grade classrooms in their quest to discover similarities and differences. We have gained an understanding that we learn about people and places by asking questions, visiting and observing as well as researching in books or on the internet. We look forward to turning into budding cartographers and constructing a map of our classroom complete with symbols, map keys and a compass rose.

Parent Visitation

Please feel free to join us for Parent visitation on Tuesday morning , October 6th 9:15-10:30 and Thursday afternoon, October 8th 1:15-2:30. Be ready to join us for some interactive fun as we plan to show you how we rock, roll and learn.

A Peek into the Future

October 2nd - Spelling Assessment

October 2nd - PTU Fall Event at AGA Farms

October 6th - Math Assessment

October 8th - School Store


I sent out a link to access Quizlet. It is a great resource to help your child cement those spelling and high frequency words in his/her brain. Check it out!

Thank you for all you do!

Have a wonderful week,

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