Career and Technical Education News

vol. 2 November/December 2019

Mission Statement

CTE (Career Technical Education) is learning that works for

Oregon. CTE is helping our nation meet the very real and

immediate challenges of economic development, student

achievement, and global competitiveness.

Student Spotlight

Madison Students lead the Makers Fair

Events and Guest Speakers

Wacky Wednesday Events:

10/9-Engineering: Remote Control robots

10/23-Sustainable Agriculture: Garden Scavenger Hunt

11/20- 8th Graders Visit for a tour of Madison HS and the Makers Fair

Guest Speakers:

• Autodesk Chaos Engineer came to Computer Science to teach the students how to use Git version control.

• Herff Jones representative teaching digital media students Square1 design.

• Kaiser Permanente representative came to present summer internship opportunities to Biomed.

• Local Photographer has agreed to volunteer in Adavanced/Intermediate Media classes.

Program Highlights

Big picture

Sustainable Agriculture and Urban Farming and Mad Roots Garden Club

Students planted veggie seeds in their own garden plot in September. Last week many students harvested from their plots for the first time! Students harvested lettuce, bok choi, radishes, beets, kale and spinach! Mad Roots students took produce home, donated to the Madison Food Pantry, and got to cook a veggie dish for their fellow students. Garden Club students made pies from pumpkins and apples from the garden.
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The 1st year Engineering class finished their SOMA Cube project. The project required students to design and fabricate a puzzle cube that has 4-6 different Tetris pieces fitting together to create a 3x3x3 cube. Some students created special designs on the outermost sides to give it extra design points!

Design and Applied Arts

Foundations of Ceramics has been building sugar jars. Intermediate Ceramics and Sculpture has been gaining confidence on the wheel! 3D design has finished making their lamps and will be lighting up the night. Textiles finished a quarter of weaving: making Knot rugs and Frame weavings. Textiles also went on a Field trip to the Portland Garment Factory to see the beginning to end process of the fashion industry.
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Computer Science

CS 1-2

Students are writing code in a visual coding language called Snap to make a picture with commands like "get paint color", "go to", "brush down", "move 20 steps", etc. When the design is complete we paint the picture using our Watercolor Bot for students to take home. If you know someone in CS 1-2, ask to see what they made!

Biomedical Sciences

The Medical Interventions classes (Year 3) at Madison made superbugs that are resistant to multiple types of antibiotics by combining different strains of bacteria through conjugation. As part of their final plating they made bacteriART by painting images with a living organism as their medium.

The Biomedical Innovations class hosted ICU Nurse Sheryl Helms on Tuesday, October 29th and she went over the class can expect as they sign up for their job shadow this year. They'll be able to pick from respiratory therapists, ICU nurses and CNAs, physicians, float nurses, ER nurses, surgical PAs, and pharmacists among many others. This is new requirement for our senior capstone class, but each senior is expected to contact, shadow and report back on a four hour shadow of one of these health professionals at Adventist. This experience can also be used to fulfill a CRLE.

Education Preparation

Students are busy working on learning about the history of schools in the US and working towards the Dual Credit Opportunity offered in Intro to Edu.

To build on internship experiences, Year 2 students have been touring unique course offerings at other schools.

Morgan Barrow and Maddie (Madelyne) McGregor both went to Prescott Elementary to explore Education at the elementary level and read student. Career Panels and interviews have been a focus of first semester.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in a Resolutions NW Restorative Justice training with other CTE Education students in the district whether they focused on mediation strategies.


Introduction to Construction classes went to an Estacada residence to do demolition. The day was spent removing old sheetrock, knocking down walls, and stripping the interior of the house down to the studs. Besides the hard work students also played in the rain and ate grilled hamburgers for lunch. We also took construction students to tour the Moda center, Trailblazers locker room, and visit with trades people who work for the Moda center and the Trailblazers.

Digital Design

The Foundation of Graphic Design students are currently creating travel posters as they practice new composition rules. Photoshop is overtaking the Foundation of Photography classes while they create crazy creatures. Intermediate Digital Design students are completing original album covers, low poly portraits, and original book dust jackets. Each Advanced Digital Design student is developing their capstone concentration plan