Tiberius the Fearless


He is always pushing himself to do better, and his general, Germanicus, is a great inspiration for him. He always strives to become a better leader.

He does not let the fact that he is emperor go to his head. He is down-to-earth and able to make good decisions due to the fact that he does not view himself as a god.

He filled the treasury with very careful management and stabilized Rome's economy.

Family-Oriented Man

After the death of his son, Drusus Julius Caesar, Tiberius was inconsolable; however, after a short time alone, he put the experience to good use and brought stability to Rome.

He married Vipsania Agrippina in 19 B.C. When his son was born in 13 B.C., he came back to Rome from the Alps to take on the role of a father.

Tiberius is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. He divorced and remarried Julia the Elder, Augustus' daughter. He puts his people before his personal needs, and is able to balance his work and private life.

Great General

Tiberius is one of the greatest generals in all of Rome's history. He conquered Pannonia, Dalmatia, Raetia, and Germania.

Sympathetic Leader

Tiberius is not a cruel and impersonal leader. He was willing to show his soft side when he was reunited with his first love, Vipsania. He was moved to tears at seeing her, but knew that for the good of Rome he should not see her again.

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