By Rhiannon Snow and her lab team

Just unlocked the secret to using nuclear fusion as an energy source!!!!!!!!

My name is Rhiannon Snow and I am a scientist. My wonderful team and I have found the secret of harnessing nuclear fusion on Earth.

Nuclear fusion is what powers the Sun and the stars – unleashing huge amounts of energy through the binding together of light elements such as hydrogen and helium. If fusion power were harnessed directly on Earth, it could produce inexhaustible clean power, using seawater as the main fuel, with no greenhouse gas emissions, no proliferation risk, and no risk of catastrophic accidents.

About Nuclear Energy..

Advantages of nuclear power generation: Nuclear power generation does emit relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide. The emissions of green house gases and therefore the contribution of nuclear power plants to global warming is therefore relatively little.
Disadvantages. Like fossil fuels, nuclear fuels are non-renewable energy resources. And if there is an accident, large amounts of radioactive material could be released into the environment. In addition, nuclear waste remains radioactive and is hazardous to health for thousands of years.

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