Week 13 Pacing Guide

Ch 19 Alcohol (SCROLL DOWN to see entire post)

Here is the pacing guide for this week in a new, snazzy format :) We are coming down the home stretch now! Only 5 weeks left!!! Please make sure you're staying up to date with your assignments! Let me know if you need help. Have a great week!

Wednesday- Read Ch 19, view Ch 19 PowerPoint; Alcohol Checklist and blog; Sign up for Ch 8, 9, 23 Test
Thursday-Ch 19 Vocabulary, Ch 19 Lesson Reviews; Alcohol Discussion; Sign up for Ch 8, 9, 23 Test by 8am Friday
Friday- Ch 19 Review Parts 1 & 2
Sunday - *Elluminate Review Session @ 8pm
Monday- Ch 8, 9, 23 Studymate. *Elluminate Review Session @ 8pm
Tuesday - Test Chs 8, 9, 23 on campus - see signup form for times and locations

*You need to attend at least ONE of the Elluminate sessions or EMAIL Mrs F by Monday at 6pm.

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