Using an AED

(Automated External Defibrillator)

1. Check the scene and the injured person

Make sure the scene is safe, and make sure that the person is at least 8 years old or weighs more than 55 pounds.

2. Turn on the AED

Follow the prompts on the package or AED itself.

3. Clear the chest

Remove clothing and any medical patches, and dry the skin if it's damp.

4. Attach the AED and analyze the heart rhythm.

After attaching the AED by following the directions, warn everyone around to get clear, and make sure that no one is touching the person. Push the analyze button to analyze the person's heart rhythm if necessary.

5. Deliver the shock

Make sure again that no one is nearby or touching the perosn. Then push the shock button.

6. Perform CPR

After delivering the shock, do 5 cycles of CPR. Then continue to follow the AED's directions.