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Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!


Our Mission: Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere Whakamua

Care for the land, Care for the people, Go Forward

Our Values: I.R.O.C.K

Inclusive, Respectful, Original, Courageous, Kind

Whakauru, Whakaute, Tipu, Kaha, Atawhai

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Our 5 school values are I.R.O.C.K.

These are for our Vogeltown learners to be:

Inclusive (Whakaru), Respectful (Whakaute), Original (Tipu), Courageous (Kaha) and Kind (Atawhai).

These values were chosen by the staff, learners and community of Vogeltown School in 2019.

This term we are focusing on being 'Kind'.

To be kind and welcoming to all our new Vogeltown learners is the 'Vogeltown Way'. We show kindness as this is part of our school vision of Manaaki Tangata - Caring for the people.

Being a 'Vogeltowner' is being a good citizen of our community - someone who is kind and caring!


WHAT: Kindness or Manaakitanga, is showing care and concern for other people, animals and the environment – ‘caring for the people’. It is part of our school vision and one of our values.

Kindness is especially important at the start of the year. We are all a bit nervous about the new year, our new class, our new teacher and making new friends, so we show kindness.

WHY: We need kindness for people to ‘get on’ and relate to each other, animals and the environment. “Manāki Tangata, Manāki whenua - To care for the people and to care for the land” this is a big part of our school vision.

HOW: By welcoming new people to our school – making new friends

By making everyone feel welcome to your class or our school

By taking notice if things need your care

By treating other people the way you would like to be treated


You practise environmentally friendly habits such as recycling

You take excellent care of your friends, new people

You accept that people are different

You have respect for the feelings and well being of others


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau, welcome to the end of our fifth week of Term 1, 2021 at Vogeltown.

It was unfortunate that we had to move back in to Covid Alert Level 2, however, I feel that we did the right thing and we are so used to the procedures now that it is actually good to remind us to practice our hygiene protocols at school. A big thanks to the Vogeltown Staff who once again 'swung' in to action over the weekend and on Monday morning in readiness for Level 2.

This week we had the whole school back, after we 'snuck in' our Paetoki camp at Level 1. It is great to have the 'Senior' kids back at school this week. A big thanks again to the Paetoki teaching team and the parents/caregivers who helped out on camp - fun was had by all! See the camp photos below.

Next week we have our Tryathlon week. This is always a lot of fun! We will be running these events even if we are at Covid Level 2 next week. If we are at Level 2, we ask that there are no parent/caregivers on site - but hopefully we are at Level 1.

We kick off the week with our whanau tryathlon on Wednesday, then our syndicate tryathlons on the Thursday and our Kindy tryathlon on Friday. A 'Tryathlon info' sheet will come home on Monday about these events.

The following week we have our Term 1 Learning Conferences. These are very important meetings between learner, teacher and whanau. With the postponement of our Whanau Fiesta till later in the term, we really want 100% attendance to these conferences.

The Vogeltown Board of Trustees has approved a Teacher Only Day for Friday 19th March to help us with our Learning Conferences. We appreciate this can be disruptive for families and are grateful for your support.

Aroha nui, Mr O


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A massive welcome to all our new families and whanau to Vogeltown School. We have had five more learners join us over the last 3 weeks - Haere mai, haere mai, haere mai.

Welcome to:

Elliot Dunn (Rm 11), Reuben Francis (Rm 9), Amelie Francis (Rm 3), Amalia Tyrrell (Rm 1) and Lealyn Coombe (Rm 1).

Welcome to Vogeltown, we know you will really enjoy your time with us!

Nau mai, Haere mai


A massive congratulations to all our learners who received principal's awards today:

Harper Newland, Naomi Rowe-D'Ath, Hana Hunt, Carter Cross, Liam Christensen, Jipsey Hannah, Lacey Pitcairn, Sarah Venables, Clara Cockle, Josh Gillum, Shurkan Ahkuoi-Hotene, Tatum Francis, Lexi Muller, Jeronimo Navas Daal, Jean Lingenfelder, Melita Netani, Remi Nguyen, Olive Adams, Kenzie Madden, Wi Henry Matuku-Emile, Chloe Farmer, Brianna McEldowney, Sophie Welch, Manav Kumar, Saqqarah Gear, Azharia Martin, Rainah Evans-Gallie, Rory Rathgen.



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We have tried many ways to make our 'Meet the Teacher' evening at Vogeltown a worthwhile event for everyone involved. Our organisation for the last 3 years has been to have this as part of our 'Whanau Fiesta' night. This event is a school picnic - to start the year together and be able to chat with your child's teacher on the night in an informal way. Later in the newsletter there is a list as to where all the teachers will be on this night, so you can go and introduce yourself and have a chat so our teaching team can get to know you.

In 2022 we are looking at doing something a little different and we would like some feedback on this. Our plan is at the beginning of Term 1 to have our 5 year olds do a half day with Mrs Treadway and Mrs Newland. We would also have 3 different times over this day that we will offer a time to come and meet each syndicate and then move to classrooms to meet your child(rens) teacher. All our Yr 2- 6 learners would begin the day after this.

If you could fill in this survey (it will take 2 minutes), we would appreciate as much feedback as we can so we can make the start of the year for our teachers, learners and families as 'Vogeltown' as we can. See the link below.

Thanks whanau, The VS Leadership team


Vogeltown School Health Survey 2021

The Ministry of Education requires all schools to consult with their community on the school’s delivery of the Health Curriculum.

The following is an overview of Health Education at Vogeltown School and the link to the community survey can be found at the bottom. This survey will help us to gather your thoughts and ideas about our Health Curriculum and help us further develop our programmes.

Health and Physical Education at Vogeltown School

The NZ Health & Physical Education curriculum is divided into four strands:

The four strands are:

· Personal health and physical development, in which students develop the knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes that they need in order to maintain and enhance their personal well-being and physical development

· Movement concepts and motor skills, in which students develop motor skills, knowledge and understandings about movement, and positive attitudes towards physical activity

· Relationships with other people, in which students develop understandings, skills, and attitudes that enhance their interactions and relationships with others

· Healthy communities and environments, in which students contribute to healthy communities and environments by taking responsible and critical action.

Through these strands, our team teaches various topics as a unit or by integrating concepts with other areas of the curriculum.

At Vogeltown School we endeavour to provide a caring, child friendly environment where students feel safe, supported and included. Opportunities are provided for students that promote our values of being inclusive, respected, original, courageous and kind. All students are encouraged to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some examples of how the Health curriculum is integrated into your child’s learning:

  • Our school values are regularly discussed with whanau and our learners

  • Fitness & physical education

  • Restorative approach in our behaviour system

  • Sun safety

  • Celebrating our varied cultures and languages

  • Identity and self-esteem

  • Healthy eating & nutrition

  • Body care

  • Friendships, relationships and team work

  • Ball skills and sport

  • Swimming and water confidence

  • Our whanau events - including Vogeltown Adventure days

  • Our ‘Bungee’ extension programmes at school (Mountain biking, outdoors, greenie team)

In some instances we also work with outside agencies to add value to our programmes.

  • Keeping Ourselves Safe (NZ Police)

  • Life Education

  • FireWise (NZ Fire Service)

  • Cycle safety and Scooter skills (Let's Go team at New Plymouth District Council)

  • Sport Taranaki (Healthy eating, active lifestyles)


As part of reporting to parents and caregivers over the year about your child's progress, we offer Learning Conferences. This is a great time to meet with your child's teacher and discuss your child's progress against our school values (competencies), learning and Curriculum learning goals for the rest of the year. At this conference you will receive a progress report covering all of the above.

As with every year, we encourage our kids to be part of these conferences. For our Paetoki (senior) learners we encourage them to lead the conference with the teacher.

Every year we aim for 100% attendance by parents and caregivers. If we are at Covid Level 2 we will still go ahead with these 'face to face' conferences, please scan the QR code as you come in to the school sites.

Please book online using the website and code below. Our conferences are for 15 minutes and a bell will help us keep to time. The progress reports will be sent home with your child(ren) after the conferences. We want 100% engagement with whanau as this is the first time you will have met, formally, with your child's teacher.

The process for formally reporting to whanau is:

Term 1 Progress Report & Learning Conferences

Term 2 Personal and Social competencies report (this will come home)

Term 3 Progress Report & Learning Conferences

Term 4 Summative Report (this will come home).

The booking website is open now.

  1. Go to www.parentinterviews.co.nz, enter the event code 7T67MMZS and click Go.
  2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.
  3. Select the teachers you'd like to book by ticking the checkbox beside their name, and then click the Book Interviews button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Using the timetable, click the Book button beside the time slot you'd like to book for the teacher. You'll be asked to confirm your booking.
  5. Continue until you've booked all teachers.

Before your interviews, you'll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you can do so by contacting the school office.

  • If you do not have access to the internet, phone the school office between 9.30am – 2.30pm to reserve an appointment time.

Remember the Interview booking function is open now

NOTE: School will close at normal time on the Thursday.



Kia ora whanau,

The first 5 weeks have flown past and we’ve been super busy. The VS Adventure was a positive experience and the children are now more aware of the beautiful environment that surrounds them in New Plymouth. Camp was amazing and the team were stoked to see so many children push themselves outside of their comfort zones. A wonderful time was had by all. The children have settled back in and assessments have just been completed in all classrooms, with sound expectations and routines established. We have more excitement around the corner with Tryathlon and Swimming sports coming up shortly (fingers crossed that we’re down a level by next week). Apart from that, the Paetoki team looks forward to seeing you at learning conferences in two weeks time.

Nga mihi,

Nathan Ransfield


Kia ora whanau,

The Huatoki Syndicate has had an extremely positive start to this school year. The children have been practicing our school goal of ‘Kindness’ and it has been great to see examples of this every day. It has been lovely having a visit from Sport Taranaki who is working with the Huatoki Syndicate around how to incorporate our goal of kindness into everyday games. We have been swimming most days and enjoying the sunshine. We are really looking forward to our Tryathlons next week and catching up with you all at our Learning Conferences in Week 7.


Laura Seed


We have had a great start to the school year in the junior syndicate.

The children are all enjoying being back together and have been involved in some fun learning activities. Already there is lots of wonderful art work up on the classroom walls related to our topics of “ME, Manners and kindness”.

We were so proud of our junior children on the day of our VS Adventure. We visited some special places in New Plymouth. The children were excited, great buddies for one another and a pleasure to take out into the community. They were lucky enough to hear the bells ring on Marsland Hill, and as usual the bus trip was one of their highlights. Many thanks to the parents who were able to join us and help on the day.

All of the junior classes will be studying a native bird this term and we will also take the opportunity to explore more of our local Huatoki domain.

We have our annual Junior syndicate tryathlon next Thursday at 2pm at the senior school. The junior children will need a bike or scooter (and helmet) togs and a towel.

We are looking forward to the arrival of the new classroom towards the end of this month.

Lee Newland (Taranaki Team Leader)


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Kia ora Vogeltown whanau,

We were looking forward to our 'Whanau Fiesta' on Wednesday night, however we have had to postpone this event. The weeks are filling up, so we have decided to make this event an 'end of term celebration' on the 14th April (the last week of term). It will still follow the same format, however it will be less about catching up with your child's teacher - as this will be happening in a more formal setting in two weeks time.

To find your child's teacher, here is the list of stalls/events on the night with the teacher at each:

BBQ - Mr George, Ms Pretty, Miss Bleasdale

Pizza stall - Mrs Treadway and Mrs Oliver

Hot Chips stall - Miss King and Miss Fleming

Cake Stall - Mrs Seed and Mrs Irving

Desserts stall - Mrs Harold

Drinks stall - Mrs Melody, Mrs Stone and Mrs Lash

Horizontal bungee - Mr Stirling and Mr Bishop

Pool - Mr Ransfield

Bouncy Castle - Mrs Newland

'Mean' games - Mr Ogle

We will have eftpos available for the senior school office for 'cash out'. We will also have cash at the stalls.

Parking will be available on the back field of the senior school.


Each term we have a couple of school policies that require reviewing by the community. This term we are reviewing the 'Home Learning' policy.

All our policies are available on the 'School Docs' website - this are available at any time.

Please login in to 'School Docs' and go to reviews to have a read of this policy and give the BOT some feedback.


Login: vogeltown

P/Wd: huatoki

Nga mihi nui - Vogeltown BOT


Winter Sport Terms 2 and 3

Registrations for all school winter sports are now open through our Kindo Shop on the following link. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/kindo-shop/

Sports available to play are:

Netball (Yr 3-6)

Miniball (Yr 0-4)

Basketball (Yr 5-6)

Hockey (Yr3-6)

Details on each sport are available when you sign in to your Kindo account.

Funsticks Hockey (Yrs 0-2)

Funsticks is an 8 week programme aimed at learning the basics of hockey through skills and fun games. If you are interested in your child joining this programme please use the following link to sign up directly with Taranaki Hockey.


Any children wishing to sign up for rugby or football please sign up with your local club as these sports are not offered through the school.


Birthdays this week -

These Vogeltown students had their birthday this week - Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners:

Tawhe Patene, Eli Rawhiti, Millie Hodson, and Joe Zimmermann!



It is with sadness as a school and Board of Trustees, we have accepted Miss King’s resignation submitted to the Board last week. Her resignation takes effect from the end of Term 1.

We are proactively seeking to fill this position.

The role was advertised last week in the Education Gazette and as we have come to expect following recent appointments, there has been a lot of interest from some exceptional candidates wanting to join the Vogeltown team. We anticipate filling the position before the end of this term.

After four years with Vogeltown, we understand Miss King’s decision may come as a surprise to you. We sent an email and a letter out to our Room 4 parents/caregivers yesterday letting them know of Miss King's decision. We thank you for your understanding as we work to find a suitable and fitting Room 4 teacher.

We will keep you updated as we move forward and we will give our learners the opportunity to meet with their new teacher and allow time for Parents/Caregivers to do the same at the appropriate time.

Thank you all once again for your support and understanding. I’m sure you will collectively join with the School and Board in wishing Emma every success in her future endeavours and thanking her for the contribution to Vogeltown (the Junior School in particular) during her time with us.


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/



10 March - Whanau Tryathlon

11 March - Syndicate Tryathlon

12 March - Kindy Tryathlon

18 March - Learning Conferences 3:30pm - 7:30pm

19 March - TEACHER ONLY DAY - Learning Conferences 9:00am - 3:30pm

31 March - Weetbix Tryathlon


2 April - GOOD FRIDAY (No School)

5 April - EASTER MONDAY (No School)

6 April - EASTER TUESDAY (No School)

8 April - Starting School the VS way evening 5:30pm - 6:30pm

9 April - Four Year Old Friday, 9:15am to 11:00am

14 April - Whanau Fiesta

16 April - Last day of Term 1 2021


3 May - Start of Term 2


1) Please remember to contact the school office if your child is absent. You can do this via Skool Loop, text 021 753 680 or ph 06 753 6843. Please do not use SeeSaw for student absences - these must come through the office. Please tell the office even if you have let the teacher know.

2) Please also remember, to scan the Covid-19 QR code when you come in to the school. if you are signing your child(ren) in/out, you will still need to scan the QR code. Thanks heaps for stopping this virus in NZ.

Thanks whanau

Stay safe and be kind to each other. Good luck to all those learners involved in sport tonight and over the weekend - give it all you have!

Thank you for the ongoing support of Vogeltown School, we appreciate the community we live in.

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal/Tumuaki


WEETBIX TRYathlon 2021 Ngamotu Beach

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We are only 4 weeks away from the New Plymouth Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon at Ngamotu Beach on Wednesday 31st March.

Participants need to be entered by midnight on 10th March to take advantage of the Early Bird price of $45 as well as the option of having their TRYathlete pack either couriered to home or included in the School Courier delivery.

Entries will continue to remain open but participants who enter after this date will need to collect their TRYathlete pack at our Early Pack Pick Up or on the event day.

New Plymouth Rangers Junior Football Registration

Registrations are now open for anyone looking to play football for New Plymouth Rangers in 2021. The club has junior teams for players aged 4 and older and caters to all skill levels from beginners to budding young professionals.

In 2021 the club is introducing a new Academy curriculum for serious young footballers born in 2012 or earlier, led by our new Director of Football, who has come to New Plymouth from Olé Football Academy. Players in the Academy will train within a curriculum designed by Olé. It will incorporate the key elements integral to the development process at their Wellington academy, and players should expect to learn, be challenged, and have a lot of fun.

This is a unique opportunity for players to experience ‘The Olé Way’ right here in New Plymouth, and develop within a proven method, known for producing players who are now at the highest level around the world.

To register, visit https://www.nprangers.co.nz/junior-registration or contact Director of Football James Malthus (james@nprangers.co.nz) for more information.