Poems Of Lane


While I sit quietly

Ice so thick it can be used as a highway, grows

Near water and mushy snow while

The elves work hard on toys and

Every boy and girl sleep tight

Reindeer prepare for flight

Acrostic hyperbole line 2


My favorite present

like glitter it glares at night

under the tree in my giant living room

to be unwrapped

to be played with

it is a box full of possibilities

See what I found poem

simile line 2


I am Santa Claus

I see the freezing chimney

I hear the "crckle crckle" of the cracking ice

I love elves, boys, and girls

I fear kids will not believe in me

I know it is Christmas eve

I hate kids assuming their parents are me

I remember the joy of Christmas eve

I believe I am prepared for Christmas

I am Santa Claus

I am poem

onomatopoeia line #3


hello sir, I am the cashier you need to pay

sir here to pay not there horse nabit hay

sir walking stray sit stay & watch the sway of the

objects flying by in your cart while she

stops at stores and mall to get away from the day.

limerick alliteration line 3

toy's & t.v.

you are such a pig

of toys, your room is a

mess, clean it up now

while I watch t.v. ha ha

funny part on this strange show

tanku poem metaphor line 1



green,red,gold,& clothing on him

friend and buddy

who likes syrup, candy ,& chocolate

who feels jumpy, excited, and awesome

who needs syrup , water, and ice that gives hugs

who gives presents , love , & candy

who fears no Christmas , no Santa , no reindeer

who would like to see every child on the nice list,friends ,and peace

Resident of North Pole


bio-poem personification line 5

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