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Some Daily Tangerine News! The creepiest city in the US.

What's happening at Lake Windsor?

The past couple of weeks, we have received news have been happening around Lake Windsor. Such as:

  • We have a new family that just moved to Tangerine, the Fishers.
  • We have a new football player in town, Eric Fisher. He is said to be a good player.
  • The Fishers walk outside and smell smoke as many people do after they move in. But it is totally normal for the area. If you do not know, those are called muck fires, often caused by lightning.
  • Mike Costello dies from a lighting strike at football practice.
  • Many football parents and the coaches are having a debate to whether or not have practice in the morning instead because it usually storms in the afternoon.
  • Within the past couple of years, we have had several death's due to lightning. This is not good and it is getting worse. As you may know, Tangerine County is known as the lightning strike capital of the US. Some of you know about the house known to be struck by lightning three times. But that isn't all, there has also been a few student deaths in the past couple of years.
  • Paul is not able to make the soccer team because he has an IEP, all because he was supposedly had an accident when he was younger and his eyes were unprotected during an eclipse.
  • Mike Costello had a public viewing on the night of September 8th.
  • Many 4x4s and sports cars were in the parking lot of the wake.
  • There was a football practice on the morning of Mike's funeral.

Erik Fisher vs. Paul Fisher

Many people may know our two newest members to the area, Erik and Paul Fisher. Well, these boys are completely different. It is time we find out about them. Here is one difference, Eric is a football player and Paul is a soccer player. Also, according to the family, Paul looked at an eclipse unprotected when he was a kid so his eyes were damaged. Apparently, nothing like that has ever happened to Erik. And Paul is in seventh grade and Erik is in twelfth grade. These two siblings really don't relate to each other. Besides the fact that they are actually related. Anyways, they both hate each other at times, but most siblings are like that.

Mike Costello's Tragic Death

We have experienced a tragic loss, Mike Costello a football player has died from a lightning strike at football practice. It all started on September 5th when there was football practice. The boys were practicing and suddenly Mike is struck by lightning. People were performing CPR, it was crazy. Mr. Fisher called 911 as soon as he could. Ambulances and cop cars came. They were sticking needles in Mike but he was already dead so they couldn't do anything. His little brother was there freaking out but his father wasn't there. Mike Costello has died, they tried to save him, but nothing can be done.
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MOYA Close Up

We have had some problems with not fitting in, fighting, anxiety, etc. First, right after they move, Paul walks outside and smells smoke. His mom comes out and smells it to. They call the fire department and they say it is normal. It is just a muck fire. That could be a problem not just to Paul and his family but to future residents. Paul and his family were not informed of this before they moved, it is possible that the seller of the house didn't want to tell them because the muck fires are bad. Maybe the seller just wanted them to buy it and not have a reason not to buy it. But it wasn't just the seller of that house, it was the seller of the other houses as well. The fire department gets called a lot when people first move to the area because they were also not informed of this. Another problem is, Erik and Paul Fisher fight a lot, because their ages are so far apart. Then Paul realizes what would happen if Erik dies. As much as they fight, he would really miss him. Lastly, Mike Costello dying might be a problem. After he died, there was some anxiety. With the parents trying to figure out if they want practice in the morning because they don't want anyone else struck. I would also think the boys of the team would now be scared. It can happen to anyone. Plus, it happened right in front of them where they practice. Having Tangerine County as the capital for lightning, that might make me a bit nervous if I lived there. I couldn't even imagine what it is like.


We recently had a very important member of our team killed. We would love it if you could come out to Lake Windsor High's first football game of the season. If you join us, there will be treats such as cupcakes, pizza, and of course concession is open. If you would like to attend, all profits will be going to Mike Costello's family to help recover. Losing a child is hard, if it was your child, I'm sure you would appreciate this. If you are planning on coming, you should bring lots of water, an umbrella, and be prepared to leave this game. We are not sure what is going to happen. For all we know it could storm. We would not like another player or family member killed. So come attend this football game in honor of Mike Costello.