First Aid with DRSABCD

D for Danger

Ensure the area is safe for yourself, others and the patient.Such as if an electric line has fallen down stay away.


Cheak for response- ask name- squeeze shoulder

No Response. Response

Send for help. Make comfortable

Cheak for injuries

Monitor response

R For Responce

S Send For help

Call triple Zero(000) for an an ambulance or ask another person to make a call

A for Airway

Open Mouth-if foreign material is present.

Place in the recovery

B for Breathing

check for breathing-look,listen and feel.

Not normal breathing normal breathing

start cpr place in recovery

monitor breathing

manage injuries

treat for shock

c for CPR

Start CPR-30 chest compressions:2 breaths

continue CPR until help arrives or patients recovers


apply Defibrillation if available and follow voice prompts.


peanuts and hard sweets are especially dangerous for children under five.