5th Grade Tigers

January 3, 2017 (oops almost typed 2016)

New Year = New Policies on Classwork

Welcome Back! Do you realize you are only six months from Middle School? That means you need to start working like middle schoolers. We are gradually going to turn up the heat so you are ready for Middle School by the end of the year. New Policies:

  1. When assignments are due when we tell you they are due, and not when (or if )you get around to doing them.
  2. If you don't finish work in class it becomes homework. We will not give you class time to finish it.
  3. You will put your name on your work. We will not waste time playing Name Detective.
  4. I do allow you to make corrections and return in work for a better grade. After January 6th you must turn that work in within two days of getting it back. I will not regrade weeks-old work the day before the grading period ends.
  5. You are not to spend independent work time chatting with friends. This is why many of you don't get work finished in class. There are many, many kids who do manage to get their work done.

What We'll Be Doing in Class This Week and Next

On Friday students will assume the role of a colonist. As these colonists, the kids will experience the events leading up to as well as the American Revolution. The kids will keep a diary as their colonial identities. We will also read some cool Revolutionary War literature. I LOVE this unit!!!!

In math we are wrapping up adding and subtracting fractions this week. Next week we are on to multiplying fractions.

As soon as we have a good weather day, we will complete the Limiting Factors activity in science.