Does Social Media Affect Us?

By: Bazleah Higgins

Social media leads to cyberbullying and sometimes suicide:

"Cyber bullying can be done in many ways. Cyber bullies have a number of choices to select from when they want to embarrass or humiliate someone. They could send you a threatening email or post photos of you to embarrass you. These cyber attacks have even lead to teen suicide."

"Social networks give people access to options and tools that were previously unheard of. "Cyber crimes and cyber bullying have become extremely popular because of the thrill they provide. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the dangers of these social networking sites as your teenager could be at risk."

"Cyber bullying can seriously affect your child’s psyche and cause disturbing repercussions that can affect their emotional well-being."

"There are a few things you can do to counter the dangers of these social networking sites. Parents of children who are under 13 years of age should have some kind of parental supervision plan in place to keep track of what their child is doing on the Internet. Parents should educate their children about the dangers of social networking sites and discuss the relationship between teen suicide and social networks. This way, your child can be aware of any potential dangers and threats posed by cyber bullying."

Social media has a big impact on our lives. ("Do Social Media Lead To Suicide"?). People are most bullied on social media in todays lives. Parents need to watch more whats going on rather than not caring. ("Do social media lead to suicide"?).

What I Think....

Cyber bullying is a really big thing in this world today. Kids/teens do it just to act bigger but in most cases they do it just because their life is hard and they wanted others lives to be hard. A simple word such as "Loser" is considered bullying. I think this needs to stop because we are all people and we all want to live a great life. We need to make this world a world others wants to live in. We need to come together and stop bullying and be happy and make coming to school, or doing sports, or even having social media to post things you want to be fun and not have a problem with bullies make your life bad.

Social Media Becomes To Addictive:

"Social networking addiction is a phrase sometimes used to refer to someone spending too much time using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media -- so much so that it interferes with other aspects of daily life."

"There's no official medical recognition of social networking addiction as a disease or disorder. Still, the cluster of behaviors associated with heavy or excessive use of social media has become the subject of much discussion and research."

"Addiction usually refers to compulsive behavior that leads to negative effects. In most addictions, people feel compelled to do certain activities so often that they become a harmful habit, which then interferes with other important activities such as work or school." "In that context, a social networking addict could be considered someonewith a compulsion to use social media to excess--constantly checking Facebook status updates or "stalking" people's profiles on Facebook, for example, for hours on end."

More and more kids and people are always on social media (Walker, Lelie). They never just have a day outside they are always on a phone posting and tagging. Parents should also watch how much their kids and even them are on social media.

What I Think....

I do believe social media is becoming to addictive. Kids/teens even adults are on social media when they wake up to the time they shut their eyes at night. Wherever I go all I see is people posting and blogging and tagging things. Kids/teens are most worried about what is on social media rather than school or focusing on their friends or even spending time with their family. I never see people put their phones down or shut social media for the day to go outside, hang with friends or see their family. So I do believe social media is becoming a big problem, people are becoming to addicted and don't want to put social media down for a day.

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