Promethean Light Bulbs

How to access the warrany website for Replacements

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Procedure for Bulb Replacements

It is the CTS' responsibility to report the problem of a bulb replacement. This flyer will go over the following:

  • Troubleshooting
  • How to login to warranty site
  • Tips for filling out form
  • How to handle the return of old bulb

Troubleshooting: What do I do if a bulb needs replacement?

  1. Make sure all cords are connected securely
  2. Try a different video cable from the laptop
  3. Unplug board from wall for 10 minutes for a hard reset
  4. Try taking out bulb and replacing it with a spare from across the hall
  5. If projector works with another bulb, then continue with warranty repair
  6. Please make sure a TMS workorder is created for warranty bulb replacment. Include the Serial number and the Case # assigned in the workorder.

How to Login to warranty site

Save/Bookmark this site to your desktop.

Bulb Warranty Website

Warranty Replacement Site


Be specific while filling in warranty

Key Tips when filling out warranty information:

  • Add Extension in phone field so the tech can reach you
  • You must add the Serial Number found on the projector
  • Add some troubleshooting tips in the description

Handling Warranty Returns

After the new bulb comes in please follow these steps:

  1. Replace old bulb with new warranty bulb
  2. Place old bulb into the packaging of the new bulb you just replaced
  3. Apply the UPS label that came with the new bulb
  4. Call UPS, or give to your secretary and ask her to put with their UPS shipment

If Old Bulb is not returned within 30 days, Promethean will charge campus with the price of a new bulb.

Contact your Campus TECH with questions