My Health Survey

By Maggie Byrne 8F


I made an anonymous survey and had 8 people from different age groups and differnt lifestyles to answer a range of questions about their health. I asked people as old as 70 and people as young as 13. I tallied up the results and it shows that people come from completely different lifestyles, whether they exercise alot and eat really healthy or even the complete opposite.

Some of the questions:

It is important to make sure you stay fit and do regular exercise

Each week, how do you exercise?

One my questions was 'each week, how do you exercise'. I was surprised that the answers were all so different. People said things like pilates, walking, gym, aerobics, dancing, bike riding and heaps of other ways aswell. It's really great to know that people really do care about their health and can find their own ways to stay healthy.


I think that being healthy and staying reasonably fit is important. The people I had do my survey, all did some sort of exercise during the week which is really good. It is always good to eat as healthy as possible and exercise as much as you can.