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Special Edition: Remote Learning Support

Volume 2 Issue 11


My name is Jessica Torres and I serve as the ESC Region 12 Social Studies content specialist. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide resources that are specific to types of social studies content, as well as general instructional tools and resources, and updates and professional development opportunities that are beneficial to all. We have all been hit with the realities of teaching using different modalities and methods these last couple of weeks. I want to provide some additional resources that could assist during this time, but will also be great to add to your toolbox for teaching while in the classroom. So as not to overwhelm you, this newsletter will be sent twice monthly with resources and learning opportunities instead of one giant newsletter.

If you ever need assistance or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me via email (jtorres@esc12.net) or social media (@owl_b_torresedu).

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TEA Updates

Instructional Innovation - Remote Learning

Concept Based Learning

Topics Vs. Concepts​
Topic: Is a specific event, era or subject in history.
Concept: is something that is timeless and transferable.
-Not specific to any particular topic -Can be applied to many different topics or subjects

Check out the link below for information on Social Studies ​Concepts and Descriptions

Each Concept is linked to a graphic that explains it and a short example video. https://www.historysimulation.com/concept-based-learning.html

Articles of Interest

Digital Resources

Digitized Resources Available from the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center has undertaken a large-scale digitization project to make its collection available instantly and easily to Army leaders, educators, veterans, students, and researchers anywhere in the world. USAHEC is home to over 15 million documents, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to the history of the United States Army. The collection ranges from the personal papers of the first African-American general, Benjamin O. Davis, to Civil War letters and diaries of hundreds of soldiers, to over 35,000 surveys completed by Army veterans since the Spanish-American War. https://arena.usahec.org/web/arena

Fabric of History Podcast

From the Bill of Rights Institute, Fabric of History is a new podcast that weaves together US History, Founding Principles, and what all of this means to us today. Join us as we pull back the curtains of the past to reveal the behind-the-scenes stories you may not have read in your history and government textbooks.

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided App

Narrated by actor Scott Eastwood, this award-winning, immersive, time-travel adventure takes you back to July 1, 1863 to witness the Battle of Gettysburg. The app uses exciting mixed reality technologies combined with photo-real animation to explore the story of the turning point in the Civil War. Historically accurate in every detail, this experience puts you in the middle of the battle to stand beside the people who made history and to watch the battle unfold around you.

Literacy Connections

"Book Breaks" with Historian Eric Foner - From Gilder Lehman

Gilder Lehrman Book Breaks is a new weekly program - beginning Sunday, May 10 at 2pm ET - that features the most exciting history scholars in America in live book discussions on Zoom, followed by a Q&A with home audiences.

Upcoming Book Breaks will feature Annette Gordon-Reed (The Hemingses of Monticello), John M. Barry (The Great Influenza), Richard Stengel (Information Wars), and many more.

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This was a great webinar I attended. Check out the booklist on bit.ly/OurWorldTitles

Professional Learning Opportunities


Social studies professional development opportunities offered through the ESC are free of charge to Enhanced Co-op members. Not sure if you are enhanced co-op...please feel free to reach out to me!
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Jessica Torres

Ed Specialist - Digital Innovation/Gifted Education & Social Studies

ESC Region 12

o: 254-297-1118