Dream Life

By: Jadyn Houck

Dream Job/ A large animal vet

I want to be a Large animal vet because I love working with large animal for example horses, but not all the time running a barn makes you decent money. Another idea that would work is having my own barn, but having a business partner that could take care of the daily life of running a barn, while I do my job. Next, a large animal vet is a professional who take care of and maintains the health of livestock such as cattle, horses, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats. Large animal vets work long hours and drive a good bit to get to place. To be a large animal vet i would have to, get my bachelors degree, then earn a Veterinary Medicine degree, the next step is to obtain a license. One college I want to go to is Michigan State University. At Michigan State University, the offer different things like a large animal clinic, Equine services, and also large animal emergency and critical care.

Dream House

My dream house would be anywhere, I do not have a specific location

* 3 bedrooms

* 1 master and master bath

* I would like to have land, but its not necessary

* A barn

Examples of houses I can afford.

Calahan Plan, Aspen North at Lake Linganore New Market, MD 21774