Weekly news and information - WC 26th January 2015

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What to do if you have missed the Ucas deadline

Uh oh. The application deadline date has come and gone and, for whatever reason, you’ve not got your university application in. Is that it for another year? Not necessarily. Here are your options.

Of course, it’s best to sort out your Ucas application before any deadlines loom - but then you probably knew that. If you do miss the starting gun, however, there are ways of getting back into the running at a later stage.

The Ucas ‘deadline’ is actually several separate dates between October and March, which need to be tackled separately - we've covered these later on.

To help you get your application finished off, we've also got advice for you on perfecting your personal statement and comparing courses.

Missing the all-important 15 January deadline

This is the cut-off date for most degree courses. Between then and the end of June, although your Ucas form will be forwarded to the unis you have chosen, admissions tutors are not obliged to consider you. Whether they do depends on how many candidates are ahead of you in the queue, or have already been given places.

Check with universities directly to see if they accept late applications for the course you want to study.

Ucas Extra and Clearing

Your next options are Extra or Clearing, both separate parts of the Ucas application cycle...

Extra: Ucas Extra runs from 25 February to 2 July for applicants who must have made five initial choices, but either have been unsuccessful in all cases or have declined any offers they received.

Clearing: the Clearing cycle kicks in from July, finishing in September. This is the time when any empty places are up for grabs.

  • For Scottish unis, peak time is early August when Higher results are published.
  • In the rest of the UK, it maxes out a couple of weeks later when A-level results are issued and thousands of spaces are freed up by applicants not making the grade, or turning down insurance offers in favour of their first choices.

Generally it operates on a first come, first served basis, but most unis still want the best applicants and won’t compromise on grade requirements. You are not alone, though – see our article on where to go for help with Clearing for help with finding instant and expert assistance.

For Extra or Clearing, you may increase your options by considering joint or combined degrees covering two or more subjects.

If you decide to go for Clearing and you aren’t already in the Ucas system, don’t wait until it’s at its height to opt in. There’ll be an inevitable delay while you write and submit an application when people already in the system can sneak in and snap up places before you are even on board.

By Gill Sharp (Careers Adviser) - 14 January 2015

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your university applications please contact Carole Race.

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Burns Night

January 25th marks the annual celebration of Scotland's national poet Robert Burns. Find out about his life and poetry.

The Story of Robert Burns
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College events in January

Stockton Riverside College - Agency Event

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 11:30am-1:30pm

Reception, Stockton Riverside College, Harvard Avenue, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

All the health and wellbeing information you need in one place including;

  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Sexual Health Advice
  • Eastern Ravens - for young carers
  • Smoking support
  • Chamydia testing
  • Counselling service
  • National Citizenship Service

Drop by at any time during the event!

HEBP Passport Day

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 9pm

Teeside University

The HEBP Passport Day is for first year level 3 students. It has been arranged for SRC students to visit Teesside University and take part in workshop activities.

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Breakfast Club

Breakfast is a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.

In general, teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in education, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired. So make time for SRC Breakfast Club!

  • Tea and toast will be served to students each morning, commencing from Monday 10th November from 8.30am till 9am in Oasis cafe.
  • This will be free for the first 25 learners, then 50p for all other learners.
  • It is important to remember your student ID, you will be asked to show this in order to benefit from the Beakfast Club offer.
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Student Union

Hi everyone!

It’s your Student President here hoping everybody’s had a great week at Stockton Riverside!

I am the voice of students here at Stockton Riverside College, I trust if any students have any requirements, requests about the college I can be the one they can depend on to make a change.

I just want to update everyone about the enrichment event held last week. It went great, we had people signing their names down wanting to get involved and be a part of the Student Union. Fab!

Moving on, last night an opening evening event was held at Stockton Riverside College, orchestrated by the students and staff of SRC. This was the college’s opportunity to gain potential new students who are finishing their GCSE’s ready to embark into further education. Our goal was to introduce all courses here at SRC and present their best assets to attendees and give them a good, memorable experience of the college.

Well it went great guys; I want to give a big thank you to all students and staff who took out their personal time to be a part of this night, giving 100% to attract new potential students!

I want everyone to know what is happening in the college, the business students are doing enterprise week throughout the college they will be setting up stalls selling good such as:

· Middlesbrough Football Club items

· Caps

· Foam Fingers

· Cards

· T-shirts

· Candy Stall

· White chocolate goodies

· Milk chocolate treats

· Mouth-watering Mix ups

Do not miss out! Lastly, I know the deadline date for UCAS was 15th January 2015. I hope everyone has sent off their application to their chosen universities.

I wish you all the best of look!

Student IDs

We ask all staff and students to wear their ID in college at all times. This is to ensure college is a safe place, and that we can identify anyone who should not be in student only areas. If you have any concerns about wearing your ID, please speak to your tutor. Staff will ask to see your ID if you aren't wearing it visibly. If you want more information on staying safe in college, text Safe to 81025.

Student Services Teams

Who are we?

Youth work * Learning Support * Careers * Core * Information and Guidance * Safeguarding