Stop doing it behind the screen!

What is Cyberbullying ?

It is an act of stupidity and it is done on social networks and things that involve it being on a screen.

Examples of Cyberbullying

  • Mean text messages
  • Embarrassing pictures or videos
  • Rumors sent by email or posted on a social network

Three differences between cyberbullying and bullying

  1. Cyberbullying is done on a social network while bullying is physical or verbal
  2. Bullying includes making threats and cyberbullying is sent through messags
  3. Bullying is when they make people go against you and cyberbullying is like when they make fake profiles and embarrass you on the internet

Effects of Cyberbullying

  • are likely to use alchol and drugs
  • skip school
  • have lower self-esteem
  • suicide

Prevent and Awareness

  • ask for their passwords
  • know what website they're going on
  • ask what they're doing on the website
  • ask what they're are on it for and what does it do
  • learn about the site

Establishing Rules

  1. Don't tell anyone your password
  2. Don't put everything online
  3. Don't go on anything your not suppose to

Reporting a Cyberbully

  1. Don't respond to or forward any of the messages
  2. Block the person who cyberbullying
  3. Keep the evidence

Report to your Online Service Provider

  • Review their terms and conditions or rights and responsibilities sections. These describe content that is or is not appropriate.
  • Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block users and change settings to control who can contact you

Report to your local Law Enforcement

  • Threats of violence
  • Stalking and hate crimes
  • Child pornography or sending sexually explicit messages or photos

Report to your School

  • Cyberbullying can create a disruptive environment at school and is often related to in-person bullying. The school can use the information to help inform prevention and response strategies.
  • In many states, schools are required to address cyberbullying in their anti-bullying policy. Some state laws also cover off-campus behavior that creates a hostile school environment.