John Dalton

English Chemist


Born September 6, 1766

John's brother and himself inherited red-green color blindness.

The Importance of John Dalton

He was best known for his work in modern-atomic theory, he was an English Chemist, meteorologist, and a physicist. John made a major impact on the chemistry world due to his atomic theory that was proposed in 1803.

Color Blindness

John Dalton proved that the color blindness was hereditary by doing experiment, and testing his own eye with genetic analysis; that revealed a missing photoreceptor used for perceiving the color green.

Dalton's Law

In Dalton's curiosity on atmospheric pressures; he got a better look on gases in the air. He studied the chemical make up of air in the early 1800s. Learning that it wasn't a chemical solvent, like other scientist thought. It was a mechanical system made up of small individual particles that used pressure applied by each gas independently.