Residence permit in Latvia

Residence Permit and Citizenship in Latvia

A residence permit is needed for those people, who planning to live in Latvia for more than ninety days over six months from the entry date; for those who busy with commercial work; and for those who are working as a self-employed in Latvia.

Firstly, you must try for the residence permit at your suitable consular institution of Latvia. Permissions are offered for a period of one to five years, depending on the situations shown in your application. Permits also serve the probability for extension when and if essential, and you can try to get a residence permit permanently after five years.

A residence permit in Latvia caters the authority to enter Latvia without a visa, to stay and work within the region of Latvia, and to access the medical and other facilities assured by the state.

Residence permits in the Latvia are offered to those who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Studies

  • Family reunion

  • Work (either self-employment or employment)

  • Rendering or using the services

  • For EU citizens, a stagnant monthly income of 93,54 Ls is needed

All above criteria for getting Residence permit in Latvia. In which all the conditions must be satisfied with you then you can get the permit in Latvia.