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February 15,2016

From the Principal....

As you all know, last week was quite busy for all of us. Thanks so much for taking care of business at hand! A few days of last week was spent with our Digital Promise coaches and mentors. I'd like to take a moment to give some background. Here's some information captured from their website:

Across the country, forward-thinking education leaders are improving outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing K-12 schools through learning technology and research.

The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is:

  • A network of superintendents and district leaders leveraging technology to improve student outcomes
  • A national coalition of public school districts partnering with entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading thinkers
  • A testbed for new approaches to teaching and learning
  • A representation of the diversity of public education in the U.S.

League members represent more than 3.2 million students in 73 districts and 33 states. Their experiences reflect the diversity and shared challenges of public education in America.

Members of the League of Innovative Schools are selected once a year through a peer-reviewed application process supported by Digital Promise. Superintendents apply to represent their districts and are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Vision and Record
  • Potential for Impact
  • Commitment

Great Curriculum & Instruction Integration Ideas:

Celebrate Lincoln and bring the Civil War to life with TeachersFirst's Gettysburg by the Numbers. This Civil War unit engages learners with numbers and questions that will help students grasp the scope of this landmark battle. Don't miss the supporting teacher ideas and resources.

World Read Aloud Day

Regardless of what level or subject you teach, prepare now to celebrate World Read Aloud Day in your classroom-Wednesday, February 24. Find some great ideas for all levels and subjects in TeachersFirst's Reading for All.

Revolutionary Idea: Teaching Common Core ELA with History

Common Core and other state testing initiatives sometimes places history (or social studies) on the back burner. Our young citizens are not getting the class time they once had to learn social studies. If you would like to put more history back into your elementary classroom, check out Highlighting Our History: American Revolution Read-Alouds PLUS for the Common Core. The read-aloud suggestions and ideas provide a way to leverage the power of daily Read-Alouds to practice Common Core Standards for the English Language Arts while infusing some Social Studies content, specifically the Revolutionary Period. This article is just one of several in TeachersFirst's Implementing Common Core in Elementary Grades collection.

(Information provided by Teacher's First)

Please click on the google form below to submit information about your plans for the #iArthur Showcase. This information will be used to create a program/flyer for the day.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship should be continuously addressed in a digital learning environment. Last semester we focused on the lessons that were needed for the basic starting point of launching with 1:1 iPads in the building. During the second semester, each grade level is asked to complete lessons in Unit 1 of the respective grade level curriculum. I will send an email with PDF lessons for your review, but remember all students & teachers have access to the digital curriculum on their iPads. Please let us know if you need assistance. Most Common Sense Media lessons are aligned with state standards in reading, writing, and social studies. Please include your lessons in your weekly lesson plans. Going forward, include at least one lesson each week pertaining to Digital Citizenship.

Intervention Central

Create personalized behavior intervention or academic intervention plans in 5-10 minutes

How to Manage Behavior in the Classroom: Praise
How to Boost Reading Comprehension: Read-Ask-Paraphrase

Important Information

Important Dates

  • February 15 District PD Day -Apple PD at Arthur~ iBooks/iBooks Creator
  • February 16 Faculty Meeting & PLC Meetings
  • February 19 iArthur Technology Showcase
  • February 24 OCCT 5th Grade Writing Test
  • February 24 World Read Aloud Day!
  • February 22-29 Common Assessments ( At least 1 Reading/ELA and 1 in Math)
  • February 26 Leadership Team Instructional Rounds
  • February 28-29 Blended Learning Summit (Mrs. Schroeder out of office)


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