Intellectual Development of Infants

By: Cassidy Hopkins

Keeping it Simple and Natural

Things you can do to help to keep it simple is like changing their diaper, giving them a bath, or even things like cuddling, or singing.
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Marching Experiences to the Child's Mental Abilities

Just by giving the baby a safe and interactive toy helps with this. You could also try Flash cards, but when they are at a reasonable age for them to do those. You cant expect a 5 month old to be able to go off of flashcards and be able to comprehend whats on the flashcard.

Practicing Makes Perfect

Repetition is very helpful with this skill. This helps with the baby knowing what to expect from something. Like reading a bedtime story, helps the kid know when you have a book and you guys sit down, its time to read. When the child is old enough, you could practice writing their name or the alphabet.
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Actively Involve Your Baby

Just make sure the baby or child is learning by doing. For example, building something like a little course, and having them pick up their toys when they are done. If they will you could have them help you pick up dirty clothes in their room or helping you in your room.

Provide Variety, but avoid Overload

This is different ways of showing you child different experiences. For example, you could take them to different environments like taking them to the park or daycare. You could also provide them with many different toys instead of just one until they are bored with that toy.
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Avoid Pushing the Child

If your child doesnt show interest in something you are trying to get them to try, dont try and force them to do it. For example, if they dont show interest in sliding, dont try and repeatedly to get them to go down the slide. Also, if they dont want to talk to one of your friends or family cause they are uncomfortable, dont force them to keep talking to them


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