Andrew Jackson

Hero of the "Common Man", ZERO of a President

The Common Man

Andrew Jackson wasn't exactly born out of wealth, but out of determination he worked his way up to become the seventh president of the United States. Though he has a wonderful success story starting as a war hero, Jackson didn't become a hero as President. He felt he was above the Constitution and wanted to always get his way.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

Jackson's Trail of Tears

The resettlement of the Indians was thought to be a comfortable ride on a steamboat or a baggage wagon, but it turned out to be a terrible exposition. The Natives were crying and threatened by soldiers leading them West. Many Indians had died on their journey from their reservations from Georgia to Oklahoma. The Native Americans hadn't got their comfortable journey they were promised from the Treaty of Echota, which was signed by President Andrew Jackson, himself.

Supportive to Slavery

Not only putting the Indians through the Trail of Teats and abusing his power, President Andrew Jackson was supportive to slavery. After his final term in office, Jackson retired to his home known as the Hermitage. He had over one hundred slaves working in his mansion.