December Fulton Finger Challenge

Showcasing the Awesomeness FPS has to offer!

Sampling of #fpslearn from this week.....

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Friday Challenge!

Sending this a bit early so you have time to think! Tweet to #fpslearn and add #flyhighfri to further tell your story--what's happening in your classroom that you want others to see? You know you're thinking of several awesome things you could tweet about!!! Just do it!

If you don't have a classroom or if you do and want to add this, tweet your favorite food to #fpslearn.

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Examples of Awesomeness!

More @handles to follow!





















What's next?

Because FPS is sharing the Fulton Finger for this challenge, each building will enjoy the Finger for one day next week. While your building has it, you will be charged to take pictures of the Awesomeness that is happening and tweet it out to #fpslearn. It will be a surprise each day--you'll have to search the #fpslearn hashtag to see where the Finger is living or lurking:) for the day. Kind of like, "Where's Waldo"!