Baccus Weekly News

October 17, 2016

Herrera's Happenings

Professional Learning Comminuty (PLC)- An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve high levels of learning for ALL students. This definition is my goal for Baccus. I want us to change our mindset away from thinking that we "PLC" every other week on our scheduled day. Our collaborative work that insures all students are learning at high levels on the essential standards must become our standard for Baccus daily. The PLC process is a belief in each of you, it's a belief that together we can accomplish anything we strive to achieve. I would like for each of you to spend a little time reflecting on what it takes to be an educator at Baccus. What are your beliefs for helping all students at Baccus learn at high levels? Is what we have created at Baccus, in your classroom, good enough for your own personal child (nephew, niece, future child....)? Do we believe that all children can learn at high levels or do we list reasons that some can't or won't? Think of our most challenging students (behaviorally or educationally), what is our belief in these students? One of the presenters stated, "I never needed a class roster to determine the kind of year I was going to have. My students were going to have a great year because they had me as a teacher." This is my thought for each and every student we have at Baccus, I believe in ALL Baccus students. I believe in ALL of you. If you have these same beliefs, our students will thrive having you as their educators and having me as their principal. Let's not let negativity or excuses keep us from focusing on high levels of learning for all students. I love our students, parents, our school, our community and each of you! It is a good time to be a Baccus Pirate. We can, we will!!! : )

Bledsoe's Info


Make an attendance chart in you classroom showing absences. Chart the absences. Challenge your students to be the healthiest students in their grade level. Compete among your grade level. Find out what your class wants to earn and make that the reward!

Counselor Corner

Thank you for your assistance with Student Council officer elections. I look forward to working with these students and we hope to make a difference for our school.

We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week next week. Ribbons and stickers will be placed in your box on Friday. An outline for the week's activities will go out later in the week. If you have an idea you want to pass along please send it my way! I always appreciate everyone's ideas!

Have a great week!

Coach's Corner: from the desk of Ashley & Melissa

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WOW! Powerful words....

This past weekend, we learned so very much at the PLC conference!!! Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing lots of great information.

The above quote spoke volumes to us both as we work so hard every single day to change the world….on student at a time…. But the great reminder here is that when we push ourselves and change ourselves, we not only get better, but the students we serve reap the benefits.


We will be out…

  • Mon, Tues (Oct 17-18) - Results Coaching (Granbury)

*Please remember this when planning your Pirate Time, as you will only be able to divide your pirate time between your teammates on these days.

Common Assessments -

Common Assessments and Scantrons will be placed in your box the day prior to your tests. Remember we have created a handy, dandy crate right inside our office for you to turn in your scantrons, find extra tests, and extra scantrons.

IMPORTANT reminders from DOWNTOWN about Common Assessments:

  1. For SPED, ESL, 504 students: ALWAYS follow the testing accommodations from the IEP, LPAC or 504 documentation.

2. Writing Compositions:

  • Teachers may read the prompt to the students in Grades 1-2.

  • Grades 3-5, teachers may read the prompt IF STUDENTS ASK FOR IT.

  • Teachers score compositions according to the rubrics in the CA keys folder for their grade level.

  • Teachers complete the score sheet (in CA keys folder) and share with the IS and Trisha by October 24th.

3. Reading & Rev/Editing Assessments:

  • Students should read the test on their own.

  • If students struggle with a word, teachers may read individual words to students who request it.

Front Office Happenings

Reminder: Parents and visitors are not allowed in the halls during the regular school day unless they have a visitor sticker and are there for school business,i.e. PTO, field trips. If you are expecting a parent volunteer in the classroom please let the front office know in advance.

Have a great week, and keep posting your attendance daily from 8:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.