Girl Scouts of Western New York Assessment

Volunteering for Girl Scouts of Western New York is a great opportunity to grow and learn and even grow closer to your daughter. Assessment in this field allows the adult to learn what areas can be improved, what activities the girls enjoy or dislike, and overall, what should remain the same and what could use a revisement.
Learning more about assessment, and the reasons behind the need, certainly has changed m mindset with regards to testing. I once believed that they were applied to always satisfy a state or educational standard. This is certainly not the case. They are used as a tool to make changes, to further encourage the teacher and the student, and to see where a child may be struggling.

Defending Our Assessment Practices

When creating an assessment tool for the girls, a leader must remember to be subjective. Put your feelings aside and remember that the girls are giving their opinion. They are in the group as a choice and the results must be shared in council so other leaders can utilize the teachings that you have used successfully. Above all else, if you need help, ask. These end of year assessments are not a test, but rather an opportunity to learn!

Failings/ Successes

Not all assessments are going to yield the result you aim for. Some girls are not going to enjoy the teachings as much as you do. I have seen this happen, more than once, and you use it as an advantage and move on. Your girls need to be honest with you and you need to prepare lessons that are engaging so that the message behind every lesson is not lost.

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