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I hope you all had a fabulous start to your school year! I'm looking forward to visiting your classrooms in the next few weeks to read aloud a book to your class!

On September 22, there will be more than thirty authors at Nerdy Night with Authors in Freeport. I've attended this event for the last two years and it's amazing! You can bring your family with you, too! My kids love the chance to buy new books and meet some of our favorite authors. I hope to see some of you there!

In this week's newsletter, I have lots of mentor texts, professional books and new blog posts for writing workshop to share with you. Don't forget about International Dot Day on September 15!

Happy Reading!


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September 15 is International Dot Day!

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Don't forget to celebrate International Dot Day! There are lots of resources and ideas available at

You can even celebrate with Livestream on KidLit TV! Check out this link for more information about a neat opportunity!
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"We hope this story inspires its readers to connect with another person, even just one—to touch somebody else with a single act of kindness & understanding—it starts with the individual. Every child can be a tiny leader." ~ Holly McGhee

My copy of this book is arriving on Tuesday. I can't wait to share it with you, as it sounds like the perfect read aloud for all classrooms.

Launching Your Writing Workshop

Enjoy this list of new blog posts from Two Writing Teachers related to launching your writing workshop! For more posts, visit!

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(Don't miss the list of other blog posts about mentor texts at the end of the this post!)

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We know that students should spend at least half of our workshop time actually writing, but preserving this time is a common struggle (especially with the length of our lessons!). This blog post has a great list of tips to help protect student writing time!

Teaching Students to Self-Monitor

Teaching students to self-monitor is such a critical part of writing workshop. This blog post has a few ideas for fostering independence including co-creating a chart with workshop expectations and responsibilities with your students (see sample).

If We Build It, They Will Come: Tales From inside the Sharing Circle

The share portion of the lesson is the easiest part to skip when we want to make sure that students have time to write or we want to get in just a bit more teaching. Lori Van Hoesen shares a few tips on the importance of protecting our sharing circle in this blog post.

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