CHES SPED iPad App Challenge - October 2014

Why iPads?

  • There's more to iPads than apps!
  • It's a tool that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.
  • Have your students use iPads so they can...consume content...capture content...create content and then SHARE!

iPads have been updated!

A few reminders...
  • The SPED cart can be used in self-contained or collaborative settings as well as for SPED teacher productivity.
  • Take an iPad home and explore the new folders and what apps are in each!
  • If you take them home, bring them back to school everyday!
  • We can't use iTunes gift cards for apps.
  • There is a process for getting apps on the device. See below.
  • Consider creating a folder for apps students can use "today." Move apps in and out.
  • Create a folder for frequently visited websites so your students don't have to type the URL every time. Call the folder "Student Bookmarks"
  • Teach your students the "AUP" - Acceptable Use Policy
  • Teach iPad basics, classroom procedures, and expectations. It's crucial!
  • Here's a great resource for classroom management.
  • Don't forget to check out "How To Tech" on Blackboard. Click on iDevices to get tons of resources for everything iPads.

App Request Process

Step 1: Check the 'HCPS ITRT App List' on Blackboard>How To Tech to see if your app has already been approved. Here is the link as well.

  • If your app is listed: Contact your ITRT let them know the app is approved, and ask them to load it to the iPad(s).
  • If your app is not listed: Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the 'iDevice App Request/Evaluation/Approval Form' (Link on Blackboard>How To Tech). Here is the link as well.

Step 3: Your ITRT will contact you to follow up on the status of your request.

Accessibility Features

  • The iPad has some great accessibility features that allow students who might be a struggling or emerging reader, hard of hearing, or visually impaired to better access the device.
  • To change these settings, go to settings>general>accessibility.
  • Here's a video showing the accessibility features and how you can change them.


Your challenge...

  • Use Dropbox between now and our next session to transfer/view files from others.
  • Option 1: Find at least one picture that represents content you're teaching. Upload them to the SPED Team Dropbox Account. Have your students access Dropbox and save them to the camera roll to use in an assignment. Students can use apps like Educreations, Doodle Buddy or PicCollage.
  • Option 2: Have your students create some type of product using an app like Doodle Buddy or PicCollage. Instruct students to save that product to the camera roll. Ask students to access Dropbox and upload that project allowing all students to see everyone's work. As a teacher, assess student work by accessing Dropbox on the iPad or on a regular computer.
  • Option 3: Create a folder for SPED teachers to be used just like the teacher shared drive. Add pictures and documents that you can share between your team. Make sure they aren't sensitive documents.
  • Option 4: Can you think of another way to use Dropbox? Run it by Stacie and let her know.
  • Sign up with your ITRT to see a lesson modeled using Dropbox if needed.
  • Submit the App Review by clicking the link below.

To Register for Challenge - 15 PD Points

  • Visit the HCPS Professional Development Registration Site
  • Log in and then click start
  • Click on "add course" at the top
  • Scroll down to "ongoing development opportunities"
  • Sort the audience to "CHES"
  • Click "show audience sort"
  • Click on iPad Appspiration
  • Click add course
  • You're done!
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