Alfred Jodl

Cheif of Commands, high in command

Crimes, convictions, evidence, sentencing

He gave orders for German Army to attack Holland,Belgium, Norway, Poland, Greece and Yugoslavia. He said he did not agree with Hitler and he said the crimes were truly horrible. The evidence used was him saying, "Terror attacks against English centers of population ...will paralyze the will of the people to resist."He was hung on October 16, 1946.


I think that he should not have been killed. He did really truly horrible things, but I think he should have gone to prison for life. If he really did not agree with Hitler, he did not do anything about it and he should have. I think death was a easy was out and he should have had a worse punishment. I think all the Nazis should have been sent to prison and not killed. They all deserved a lot worse punishment, but I think if the U.S. had done what they did to all the Jews, that would make us no better than them.