Feb. 26th, 2018 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

Our Ponies might have different set of rules. The ones and home and the ones at school. Let's continue reinforcing the expectations at school.


We are a No Excuses University Campus- College Readiness

Sessions with Professional Learning Communities for this week:

Tuesday's K-1 PLC agenda is Here

PLC agenda 2nd is Here

PLC agenda 3rd is Here

PLC agenda 4th is Here

PLC agenda 5th is Here

Remember to bring a charged computer and your Click-On TEKS binder. If you would like to look at a paper copy of your data, please print beforehand. Otherwise, it can be viewed digitally.

See you Tuesday in the data hub ready to participate in new learning!


Please click on the link to see the sequence of the Rally! Notice we will have a new song!

We will do the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade chants.

A Minute with the LASes

TELPAS continues and Spanish Learners' Assessment window opens!

Just a few reminders...

  • Spanish teachers in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - The window for the Assessment of Spanish Learners' progress is from Monday, Feb 26 to March 30. Some of us did the Part II but didn't complete the Part I of the training on the Assessment Tool. If that is your case, you can still rate Listening and Speaking, but cannot rate Reading and Writing (until you complete the Part I of the training). Judy Musgrave will come to train us here at school on a TBD date. All ratings need to be in Aware by April 6th.
  • We will continue the TELPAS online practice for the Reading, Listening and Speaking tests. See the calendar below.
  • This week's TELPAS writing sample is on Past Tense and is due on Thursday March 1st.
  • The 4th grade LPAC for Assessment will be on Thursday, March 1st.
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Campus Design Team- Safe and Civil Committee

Dear Campus Design Team,

We are in need to get together to review 3 Safe and Civil Policies:

** Dinner will be provided.

Staffing for 2018-2019

I had my staffing meeting on Thursday. I will be meeting with each grade level to share the information that was provided for next school year.

As the admin team begins planning for the 2018-19 staffing, it is important for us to know your plans. Please take a second to complete this survey by March 9th.

Student of the Month- February Perseverance

Submitted your student of the Month

Click here to submit the student of the month for each grade level. Complete survey by March 9th


It is time to select our FEBRUARY Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Month.

Think of staff members who have exemplified dedication, efforts, accomplishments, and been 'on the side of HOPE.'

Winners will receive:

  1. Classroom door decorated
  2. Thursday jeans passes for the months of March
  3. One day of free duty
  4. Goody bag
  5. His/Her picture posted on the 'Staff of the Month' bulletin board.

Click here to submit your nomination by March 2nd.

Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday February 26th

  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45 pm
  • LA K-2
  • Science, Math, ITF ACT
  • College/U shirt Day
  • Discipline Committe

Tuesday February 27th

  • PLC in DataHub
  • TELPAS Window Collections Between Feb 26 to March 06
  • Science LF

Wednesday February 28th

  • K-3rd Istation Reading, Writing Sample
  • Window ENDS
  • 4th-5th Istation Reading & No writing sample
  • Window ENDS
  • Dress for Success Day
  • Learning Leaders mtg./ Principals’ mtg.
  • New Teacher Mtg. 3:10-3:30
  • Multilingual Coordinator
  • LA ACT

Thursday March 1st

  • 4th Teachers- Writing Academy
  • 4th Grade Required LPAC All content 8:30 to 3:30
  • Science ACT
  • ESOLAR clinic will be here for glasses
  • 2nd- 5th: TELPAS Past Tense writing sample due
  • K-1: one TELPAS free choice writing sample due
  • Campus Design Team- Safe and Civil Committee

Friday February 16

  • LVES Spirit Day

Staff Shout Outs

  • Mrs.Speer- Thank you for always helping out with my tutoring kids!
  • Marla Rodgriguez and Coach W for helping blow and tie 100 balloons for 1st grade.
  • Mrs. Rowland for her kindness and thoughtfulness for watching out for me!
  • Mrs. Sammon for helping me out with lesson plans
  • Mrs. Abrego for doing such a tremendous job working with your students.
  • Mrs. Mullikin for putting forth effort in tackling the most difficult of situations in this season of your teaching career.
  • Dana McGraw for her quick action in providing the Heimlich manuever and saving a choking child! Way to GO!
  • Thank you to 2nd grade for being so diligent in the hallways during testing! Your quiet students and hard work are appreciated!
  • Mrs. Vando - for all of your hard work throughout the building!
  • Mrs. Rimling - thank you for cleaning our 2nd grade projector filters!
  • Special thank you to my mystery friend who bought a book for me from the book fair! It made my day and it is a new class favorite! -Sammon
  • Mrs. Zamora for working with me on getting the Bright Bytes survey out to all students, teachers and parents!
  • Mrs. Kilam, for acting quickly and calmly in an emergency situation!
  • Mrs. Burleson, for continuing to share your knowledge and ideas! Thank you!
  • Mrs. Vando, thank you for always lending a helping hand!
  • Mr. Thomas, thank you for all of your hard work to prepare a great performance by 4th and 5th graders!
  • Many thanks to Mrs.Norton,Echevarria, Kilam, Mr. Colon, and Mr.Anderson for devoting their Saturday to make the CIS trip to UNT a success!
  • Click here to submit your Shout Out.

February's Birthdays

Veronica Sammon February 2nd

Bethany Wooster February 6th

Belinda Rubio February 9th

Veronica Hernandez February 11th

Corey Anderson February 11th

Michael Colón Valedón February 18th

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