3rd Grade News

Ridgeview Elementary

Week of October 19-23, 2015

What We Are Learning



- Fractions of a Whole

- Fractions on a Number Line

- Fraction Word Problems



- Long i


- Homonyms

Reading Comprehension

- Cause & Effect


-Verb Tenses


- Personal Narrative


-Simple Machines

Social Studies


Spelling Words - Long i

On Level List

1. mild

2. sky

3. pie

4. might

5. find

6. fight

7. tied

8. right

9. fry

10. tight

11. child

12. flight

13. bright

14. buy


Challenge List

1. tightness

2. flightless

3. highlight

4. inspiring

5. skylight

6. fryer

7. dryer

8. inviting

9. relying

10. rewriting

11. untying

12. slighter

13. nightingale

14. rehired

15. revising

Art Request from Mrs. Barranco

Mrs. Barranco is in need of old CD's or DVD's for an art project. It doesn't matter what is on them or if they are scratched up. They will be weaving on top of them.

Crosswalk Position Available

Ridgeview has posted a position for crosswalk duty at Marshall Ridge and Royal Glade. If interested, apply on the KISD website or contact Mrs. Wilder.

Important Dates

October 16

- "Wild About Being Drug Free" Wild/Crazy Hair Day

October 23

- Wear Red

- 3rd Grade Field Trip to Keller High School

October 30

- Dress Like a Super Hero (no masks, please!)

November 2-6

- Book Fair

November 3

- All PTA Reflection entries are due on this date.

November 6

- 5:30-8:30 Fall Carnival

November 10

-3rd Grade Veteran's day Program @ 6PM

November 12

- Chic-fil-A Night

Ridgeview 3rd Grade Teachers!

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