Promoting Healthy Eating at Home

Healthy eating at home is very important!

Eating Healthy Foods at Home

I think people should start to think about there health. People shouldn't eat junk food when there hungry. If they start to make good choices, It would be a big difference in their health.Healthy foods are full of calcium,protein,nutrition,vitamins and fiber.

Make Good Choices.

If your mom or dad gives you a choice of healthy food or unhealthy food, then always make good choices.Also think before you pick,think that healthy food is full of calcium, fiber, vitamin,protein and nutrition and unhealthy food has noting to do with your health all it does is makes you sick and sick.

Servings a Day!

Girls should eat 5-6 fruits and vegetables a day. Boys should eat 6-7 fruits and vegetables a day. Girls should eat 6-7 grain products a day. Boys should eat 5-6 grain products a day. Girls should eat at least 3-4 dairy products a day. Boys should eat 4-5 dairy products a day. Girls should eat 1 meat product a day. Boys should eat at least 1-2 meat products a day.

Health matters first!

Junk Food

Junk food is bad for your health.It has no healthy choices or it does not contain any of the 4 food groups.Junk food doesn't contain the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.If you eat junk food like chips it goes to the blood cells and if the chips touch it, it turns into bacteria then it goes to your muscles that would not be healthy.
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I think eating healthy at home is important because most people forget to make good choices and they also forget that if they eat healthy food then they will be energetic and happy too.Also people should be healthy because then they will live longer and they wouldn't be sick.I think people should be healthy.Thank you!

By: Seher

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