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August 2, 2020


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One week left before the music starts!!! We are about to start Summer Band, and I know parents and students have some big decisions coming up! Everyone is grappling with the questions of does my student march in marching band, does my student participate in online band/classes or does my student do a combination? The most important thing to know from the band's perspective is that we will support your decisions and do our very best to make this an awesome year in whatever capacity your student participates!

There are a few housekeeping items that go along with these upcoming decisions. These include additional information for you and a few tasks, depending on which band path your student takes.

Lyres and Flip Folders. Every student who will participate in any type of “in-person” band class needs to ensure they have a lyre and flip folder because we will not use music stands during rehearsals. We are doing our best to minimize points of multiple contacts, and music stands are one we can easily eliminate. A link to each type needed may be found on the Johnson Band web page. Click on "About us" and select "news". Here you will find links to the music company, Woodwind Brasswind, that display the type of lyre and flip folder you need. You can purchase through this company or from Amazon or any of our local music stores.

Water jugs. Typically, we will use our hydration packs; however, considering the amount of water that these hold and the number of refills needed throughout a rehearsal, we will adjust to using the water jugs. Upperclassmen currently have a black jug from last year. If you have lost your jug and need a replacement, please email as soon as possible. Incoming freshmen will receive one on the first day of summer band.

Summer band practice shirts. Each wind and percussion student will need a plain white T-shirt for marching band practices. My suggestion is to buy several for a washing rotation! Once we have drill numbers we will have those put on each student's shirt. Until then, it will simply be a plain white shirt. For freshmen parents, each student has their own specific number that will be given to them in the near future. *Color guard will receive an email soon sharing what color shirt will be required.

Physicals. Remember that all students participating in marching band need a physical. These need to be turned in ASAP. You cannot participate without this being completed. Here is a link to the form. If you had a physical on file with the district last year and answer NO to the first six questions, you simply need to turn in the completed first page. Your physical on file from last year will suffice for this year. If you did not have a physical last year, or if you did have a physical on file with the district, and you answer YES to any of the first six questions, you will need a new physical and to turn in the completed form in its entirety. This can be confusing, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Band Hall.

Calendar and Schedule. Please keep a close eye on the band calendar as it will contain the weekly schedule of rehearsals and performances. All dates and times currently solidified should be updated by the end of the day on Monday if they are not already on the calendar. Please remember that it is a live document that does change, so please check it frequently.

Policies and Procedures. there will be two documents disseminated shortly. Our plan concerning COVID-19 where band is concerned and our Johnson Jaguar Band Handbook. Please be on the lookout for these. They will be sent through email, Google Classroom and Charms.

Remind. Please sign up for Remind. We will use Remind as a resource to push information out to parents and students as an entire group, divided by grade levels or even to individual students. It is free and very easy to use. However, we are limited to participants per group, so only enroll in the appropriate group! Here are the instructions and codes.

In closing, I want to once again ask for Grace and Understanding as we navigate this journey. I know that consensus is hard to achieve and that there will undoubtedly be those who do not agree with decisions that are made. My request is that everyone please understand that any decisions we make for the Johnson Jaguar Band are made using the guidance of the CDC, local and state government, UIL, and the recommended best practices provided by Texas Bandmasters Association’s commissioned study regarding COVID and band. Our intent is to provide the greatest safety we can to our students, directors, staff, and the families they go home to, as well as the overall band program. Again, I know there may be disagreements with some decisions, and I request that you please contact me and we address those disagreements with a positive and productive approach! After all, “JOHNSON: This is Us”!

Have a great week!


1. Order a lyre and flip folder for your student. Click here and scroll down to the News section to see a list of links for most instruments.

2. Find your black band water jug or order a replacement. (Returning students. New students will receive theirs on the first day of summer band.)

3. Turn in your student's physical/health form. Please email your competed form to any time before Monday morning. Acceptable methods of submission include scan and email or take a picture with your phone and email.

4. Make sure your student has appropriate colored t-shirts for Summer Band. (White for marching band students; Color guard will receive an email that informs them of what color shirt they should wear next week)

5. Sign up for Remind 101 in order to get up-to-the-minute information from the directors as soon as it becomes available. (See section below)

6. Sync my phone/personal calendar to the Charms calendar. Returning families may need to re-sync as well. (See section below)

Covid-19 Updates

Band Boosters have ordered masks for all students and bell covers for instruments. (See photo)

There will be arrival and other protocols for Summer Band which will be communicated by band directors as soon as they are finalized.

We are doing our best to minimize points of multiple contacts.

  • Stands and chairs will not be used in the Band Hall. Please make sure to order a lyre and flip folder for your student.
  • Email your physical forms to, if at all possible.

For more information regarding Covid-19 and it's implications for band and performing arts, click here and scroll down to the read the Performing Arts Aerosol Study Results.


August 6 - 7

SLT Work Days

8 a.m. - 4p.m.

August 10

First Day of Summer Band

September 19

Jaguar Jog


Meal plans have been removed from our website until the directors finalize the summer band and football game schedules. Refunds and payment plans along with new deadlines will be communicated once this information has been finalized. Thank you for your patience.


Did you miss the Band Booster Meeting last week? Click here to read the minutes.


The Jaguar Jog is a great community-wide event and important fundraiser for the Jaguar Band program. Please volunteer to help us make sure it is successful and spread the word!

This year's socially-distanced Jaguar Jog will be September 19 at 8am! Click here to register or volunteer. The Jaguar Jog committee will meet Tuesday, August 4, at 7 p.m. All are invited and welcome to join and get involved!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 913 5396 1268


The Johnson Jaguar Band is a student-led organization supported by the Johnson High School Band Boosters. Because your child is in Band (which includes woodwinds, brass, percussion and color guard!), you ARE a member of the JHS Band Boosters. It takes the untiring support from our Booster Parents, YOU, for the band to attain its highest potential. YOU are a big part of their success.

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Johnson Jaguar Band es una organización dirigida por estudiantes y apoyada por los Johnson Band Boosters. Debido a que su hijo está en la banda, usted ES miembro de JHS Band Boosters. Se necesita el incansable apoyo de nuestros Padres de refuerzo, USTED, para que la banda alcance su máximo potencial. ¡TÚ eres una gran parte de su éxito!

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Mr. Lucita uses Remind 101 to send out notifications and reminders to parents and students. Once you sign up, you can receive the messages as a text message, notification from the app or both.

Visit our website to find the correct Remind 101 codes for you and your student.

Text that code to 81010, and you're ready to go!


Registration in V.I.P.S. (Volunteers in Public Schools) is required by Hays CISD for all volunteers. Volunteers must be approved as a VIP volunteer BEFORE volunteering. Click here,, and follow the link to register with VIPS in the lower right corner.

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Charms is the calendar program used by Hays CISD bands. Syncing your online calendar (mobile device or computer) to Charms means any changes made to practices, games, events, etc., will automatically be updated in your calendar.

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