The WORDshop

A safe space for inspiration, connection, and collaboration.

How do we use our creative voice to illuminate the human experience? How can our writing facilitate global agency?

A writing experience created to meet your students where they are, guide their process beyond the page, and produce art that matters. A day led by two well-honed facilitators adept in multiple genres of writing, both for the printed and virtual page, and the stage.

A 1-day, 6-8 hour workshop at or near YOUR school, adapted to any age group.

We begin the day reflecting on WHY we write, crafting an Essential Question, gathering INSPIRATION, and setting community NORMS. Students tap into their understanding of community, culture, lived experience, and aspirations as inspiration for creative expression.

We move to breakout sessions CUSTOMIZED to meet student and community need, with malleable foci – theatre writing, fiction, prose, poetry, blog writing, digital storytelling, writing for the stage (spoken word).

We WRITE, with opportunities to post, share, and get feedback. Writing is a living art that changes as it grows, so REVISION is seen as natural and necessary to growth.

We utilize global writers as EXPERTS and public audience. We CONNECT students with our network of global writers via Skype or a webinar, and writers will be paired with your school community to meet your students’ needs.

We ensure that our work together EMPOWERS students' ongoing writing practice. Students are given a global, virtual workspace rich in resources to continue to collaborate after the workshop.

Students are introduced to multiple pathways to creative expression through skilled coaching by facilitators who live their craft.

Jennifer D. Klein

studied creative writing in college and graduate school, and has published a wide array of educational and creative work. A product of experiential project-based education herself, Jennnifer taught college and high school English for 19 years, including five years in Central America and 11 years in all-girls education. In 2010, Jennifer left teaching to begin PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies, through which she provides professional development to support the integration of authentic global learning experiences in schools.

Erin Sanchez

has spent the past decade working as a high school English and continuing education teacher, curriculum writer, video content producer, and national coach. Erin has been enrolled in the Bent Writing Institute since 2005, writing and performing her poetry and prose. Erin received her Masters in Teaching from Antioch University, specializing in Indian Education.

A day to expand. Join us!

WORDshops for teachers are also available in connection to all student events.