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Technology Newsletter~ October

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House Keeping

Lab Reminers

  • Students should be logging in using their student numbers and passwords. The generic school passwords are to be used for emergency purposes.
  • Please make sure that your students log off of the machines prior to leaving the labs.
  • Designate a "lab manager" that checks to make sure that machines are logged off not turned off. This friend can turn machines and monitors on that have accidentally been shut down.
  • It is imperative that you return the project carts at the end of your reservation. Please be mindful of the person that needs the cart after you. Your thoughtfulness in appreciated.

Lab Reservations

If you need support making a lab reservation, please view the screencast below.

New Students & Passwords

As new students enter your class have them set up their passwords.

  1. Each new student's password is set as their student number
  2. The student will be prompted to change their password. Enter your class password.
  3. The child is ready to roll !

What's New

Education Galaxy

If you haven't already begun integrating Education Galaxy into your instruction, What are you waiting for! The link is waiting to be click on our student links page. Your log in is your email address and the password in rockbridge. Use the link below to view video instructions on locating student log in information. See your grade level innovator or me if your have any further questions.


If you haven't already done so, please click on the link below in order to create an account for Flocabulary. This will enable you to access our subscription.

Flocabulary Student Log in Information

Students now have the ability to log in to Flocabulary and view videos independent of you ! In order to get things moving I have created generic log ins for each grade level. You now have the ability to create classes and assign task to your students. This would be a great task for the C&I tool. Have your student views a video and respond to a discussion post!

Flocabulary Generic Log Ins


Kindergarten- rockbk/mustangk

First- rockb1/mustang1





3rd-5th Grade Student Perception Surveys

Beginning next week in Technology Specials 3rd- 5th grade students will be administered this year's perception survey. The students will be asked question to discern their perception of their teacher and classroom environment. Attached you will find a sample of the questions that students may be asked.


Candid Yearbook Images

If you have any photos that you would like added to the yearbook Please share them using one of the methods below.

Upload images directly to the yearbook website

Community Image Upload Site Access Code: HYZKMW

Add images to Yearbook Photos folder located on the shared drive(s:) in the appropriate folder.