The Education Reform📓✏️

By: Caroline Johnson & Gabe Revis

Why did this reform movement emerge?

- What problems caused the movement to emerge?

Horace Mann thought the citizens that were not educated would make the republic go down in destruction.

- Which groups of people started the reforms?

The Massachusetts board of education and other educators lead by Horace Mann.

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What does this movement hope to accomplish?

- What are its goals?

To education the people of America so that we will have strong leaders in the upcoming years.

- What do they want to change?

It wanted to change the importance of school. It wanted to make people more aware of the options they had of education instead of having to work for the rest f their lives.

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Who are some famous people that are already involved in this movement?

What specific accomplishment has the reform movement already made?

- Were there any laws passed?

In 1852, Massachusetts passed the first "Mandatory attendance" law and by 1885, 16 states had compulsory-attendance laws. All of the states had this law by 1918.

- Were there any new ideas that became popular?

Public education and they practiced good moral character and helped children prepare for jobs and for individual success.

-Was anything significant changed or accomplished?

Yes because education today has advanced and become a priority for people in American and may other countries.

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We believe that our family should join the Education Reform because it is used to educate our children and help make them more intelligent. The goal for this reform is to make our children smarter in order to one day have a strong government and to also have hard workers in the United States. Think about our children, they should not have to do nothing with there life's but work. Education gives them a broader horizon to do whatever they please with there lives. The Education Reform wants YOU to support our children.