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Volume 4 Issue 4

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The fifth graders in Kira Lentz's small group at Glenns Valley Elementary have been working on theme. This topic spans grade levels and students of all ages often have difficulty because there isn't only one answer. Theme is messy. As long as you can justify your decision and it is a lesson that fits the situation - your theme is right and may not match your partner! Ms. Lentz made this topic easier by intentionally planning for the SIOP component of Building Background. She asked her students to list themes they remembered from past stories and then compare these with small groups to add on to the list. This supports the SIOP feature of links are explicitly made between past learning and new concepts as Ms. Lentz then bridged that past learning with how they will apply the same procedure and knowledge to establishing the theme in poems. This lesson clearly demonstrated the SIOP component of Lesson Preparation as well, since the students then matched the main idea, problem, solution, and theme with past stories on a graphic organizer. The physical movement of the content gave the EL students time to process and edit answers while they were thinking and the teacher was able to see the thinking and monitor her instruction accordingly. This was a meaningful activity that integrated lesson concepts while key vocabulary was being emphasized. Way to support the learning of ALL of our students with an intentionally and well planned lesson!
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Teacher Takeaway

Have you been looking for a place to organize your websites, pictures, videos, and other instructional content? Check out wakelet!

It is free to sign up. You can organize webpages, tweets, images, videos, and other content

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Wakelet tutorial

What do Perry Township and Marian University have in common?


Marian University prides itself on teaching and training the next generation of educators. Perry Schools is a natural choice for partnering in that training with our diverse student population, NIET evaluation process, and our experienced teachers. NIET has partnered with Marian University to support efforts to improve new teacher training beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. The faculty of Marian's Klipsch Educators College have embedded the NIET Teaching Standards into their pre-service teacher coursework. Marian students have already started observing EL teachers, Newcomer classes, and classrooms with SIOP trained teachers. Cadet teachers have begun EL placements in several of our schools so please make them feel welcome and share your student success stories!

Compliance Corner

Do you know how the ELs in your classroom are served? What services do they receive each day? What accommodations are they entitled to? What scaffolds can you provide during instruction?

All of these questions and more can be found in Skyward by looking at a student's ILP (Individual Learning Plan). Supplemental Language Instruction can be delivered by EL staff in an EL Class, Newcomer, Intervention or Collaborative services. However, students may be receiving their service from you, the mainstream teacher, through Sheltered Instruction or Mainstream SIOP.

Lau v. Nichols, was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court unanimously decided that the lack of supplemental language instruction in public schools for students with limited English proficiency violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The services listed above are the approved supplemental language instruction that Perry Township provides for all EL students. Are you responsible for a students' services? Please check Skyward to see what services your students should be receiving. Work with your building's EL staff to discuss services and the needs of the students you share.

If you need more information on what supplemental language services include, check out the 6th installment of IDOE's video series on English Learning 101 below. This video describes WIDA's Framework and Can Do Philosophy for serving EL students. Descriptions of Academic Language and Can Do Descriptors provide resources for teachers working with ELs. These resources can help teachers understand how to provide services such as Mainstream SIOP and Sheltered Instruction while teaching content.

EL101 Part VI - WIDA Standards Framework

Culturally Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

Many holiday celebrations are coming soon, and it is important to note that our students celebrate various holidays with a multitude of traditions.

How can you make your celebrations and conversations culturally inclusive?

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