Media Monday - Vol. 20

Apps and Teacher Checkout Clipboard

How to Checkout Books After Library Hours and Stick Pick APP!

How many of you don't have time to come to the library except before and after school? Well, the library is always open to you! Below I'm including some pics and steps to checkout when Mrs. Aziz and/or I are not around. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I'm also including info on the Stick Pick App which costs $2.99 for iPads and iPhones (iTunes) or through Google Play (Androids). This app allows you to load multiple rosters and use "sticks" to ask comprehension question stems. Pair it with the Splashtop 2 App that allows you to project your iPad onto your Promethean and it's an amazing classroom tool! See below for more info.

Stick Pick App

Pick a student at random just by giving your device a shake or tapping the screen. Stick Pick suggests question starters for learners at different levels and also records how well students respond during classroom discussions. If a student is consistently scoring near the top or bottom, simply change the level so students aren't bored or frustrated. Depending on students' levels of English proficiency, they might be asked simple yes-or-no questions or to elaborate in longer sentences.

Teachers can have multiple soup cans (classes) filled with sticks (students). During setup, teachers choose a category of question stems they wish to focus on for each learner. Questions can be based on Bloom's Taxonomy, English as a second language skills, and degree of difficulty can be chosen for each learner.

Formative assessment is easy to track because teachers can tap a corresponding correct, incorrect, or opinion button based on the student's answer. Teachers can also rate each student's answer by selecting 0-5 on a critical thinking rubric (Bloom's) or an elaboration rubric (for English as a second language). Teachers can mark sticks so they aren't constantly calling on the same students or asking students the same questions over and over again.