Technology Rules For Parents

By: Bianca Gill

Rule #1

Parents should always block a person if they are sending you spam mail. Never open a link that came in with the spam mail. It might give you a virus or go into your private stuff. So it would just be better if you just block that person and never send them an email back.

Rule #2

Don't ever call or text while driving. You can get into a accident or get caught by a police man. This is a new law in abbotsford, so in force the law and don't break it!

Rule #3

Educate yourself about the internet. If you don't know much about the internet, you should start using it because our environment is starting to depend on it. Most people are starting to do all their work on the internet like shopping, writing work, Christmas gifts, and etc.

Rule #4

Create a family agreement of how many hours you and your family should be on the technology for and which site you should be using and which no should be used.

Rule #5

When you get your first computer always put it in a central place like the living room. Put it in a place everyone can see it, so you can supervise the person who's using the computer or laptop.

Rule #6

Only give cellphone numbers to people you trust like family. You should never give your phone number to anyone online, even if you know them. Their could be someone else on the other side of the screen even though you think its your friend.

Rule #7

Think about what you are doing on the web. Don't give anyone personal info about yourself.

Rule #8

Don't ever share password with anyone, even if it's your best friend. You could get into a fight with her/him and she could get mad and go onto your accounts, write something about you and change your password so you cannot get back into your account.

Rule #9

Don't talk or text strangers online. you could be giving personal info away even if you don't know it. Do not let stranger follow and be your friend online.

Rule #10

You should obey copy write rules. If you don't you could get fined $40 000-$50 000.
Internet Safety for Parents