Reactions Project

Lauren Crabtree

Synthesis Reaction

Ex: CaO (s) + CO2(g) --> CaCO3(s)

Solid calcium oxide reacts with gaseous carbon dioxide synthesizes to solid calcium carbonate. This is found in limestone which is used for building.


Ex: NH4OH(aq) → NH3(g) + H2O(l)

Aqueous ammonium hydroxide decomposes to gaseous ammonium and aqueous water. Ammonium hydroxide can be used for all purpose cleaner.

Single Replacement

Ex: KCl+Ag ---> AgCl +K

Solid Potassium chloride reacts with solid silver to produce aqueous Silver chloride and solid potassium. The products are sometimes used in photography since it makes photographic films and plates.


Ex: CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2O

Gaseous Methane reacts with gaseous oxygen to produce gaseous carbon dioxide and aqueous water. Carbon dioxide is used by plants to produce food and water sustains every living thing.

Double Replacement

Ex: Ca(OH) 2+ 2 HCl--> CaCl 2 + 2 H2O

Liquid Calcium hydroxide reacts with gaseous hydrogen chloride which produces solid Calcium chloride and aqueous water. These products essentially produce salty water, or brine, which is used in refrigeration plants.


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