Content question #1

Austin Jordan, 1-2nd hour

How did camp life change prisoners as a person?

It made some people like Elie lose their faith. After being in the camps for a while he lost his faith and began questioning his god. Camp life desensitized Elie, he watched his own father be beaten and didn't even go to help him. Prisoners began to become brutal to each other, stealing anything of value and beating those who wouldn't do as they were asked.

How did camp life change prisoners as a family?

Elie was ripped away from his mother and sister, they were taken apart and destroyed psychologically, they were beaten down into submission but Elie was able to stay with his father despite his faith being lost. Others like the Rabbi's son abandoned their family just to save their own skins, which is extremely hard for us to even comprehend, but this was life for them.

How did camp life change prisoners' relationships with other human beings

Prisoners became inhuman to one another, though this should've made them bond closer than ever their treatment and lack of provisions made them animalistic towards each other, men killed each other for a piece of bread, a son beat his father to death over a slice of bread, the son was murdered moments after the first bite. These men were forced to do the most horrid things imaginable just to survive the night.