Water Technology

Explanation and Facts

Desalination is the process of removing salts in water to make water fresh and drinkable for us humans. Humans have been desalination water since 320 BC. In the 1980s desalination turned into a fully commercial enterprise.

Effects on the Environment and Humans

Desalination can occur naturally and when it occurs naturally it is an important step to the water cycle. The water cycle cannot be complete without Desalination. When humans force the Desalination we lose salt water and gain fresh water that goes into our bodies. Desalination has a bad long term effect on oceans because when you remove salt water it gives off a highly concentrated brine.
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Like I said desalination can occur naturally which the only Materials need are the two different waters and the sun. When humans use Desalination we use Membranes, High Pressure Water, and a lot of hydro energy.

Joseph Lavalley