Sunday, August 7

Principal's Message

Good Afternoon Wolf Families,

Last week's newsletter was full of the "Nuts & Bolts" of starting the new school year. This week is highlighting how our new wolf families transition into intermediate school!

Intermediate School Survival Guide for Parents

Intermediate school is full of new experiences ranging from seven different classes and teachers to new friends, opportunities, and challenges. This can be emotional and overwhelming for students and parents. There is a developmental shift that happens during these “tween” years that account for some of these challenges.

Here are some suggestions to help with easing the transition:

1. Prepare for changes in school routines and expectations.

Now that your student has completed elementary school, a higher expectation of responsibility shifts to students in middle school to manage their schedules and schoolwork. Think of middle school as preparation for high school. Becoming more independent, learning time management, and balancing school, social life and extracurricular activities are all key lessons to be learned in middle school.

Add to this puberty which brings hormonal changes that can intensify emotions and stress. It’s no wonder kids this age can seem moody!

2. Make executive functioning skills a priority.

“The Middle School Brain” is real. Maybe it’s because their brains are so busy producing and distributing hormones, but middle schoolers can be flakey. That’s all the more reason to stress executive functioning skills like organization, time-management, attention to detail, and self-control.

Organization and time management do not come naturally for most of us. However, they’re necessary skills for success in middle school, high school, college, and career. Some kids may need more help learning how to navigate these new responsibilities.

Here are two things you can do to help your middle schooler succeed:

  1. Be OK with your child’s mistakes. “Let your child manage their agenda and calendar,” says licensed therapist Jody Baumstein, LCSW. “It might be tempting to do it for them, but the only way they will learn is to try themself. It’s OK if they fail! Experiencing failure, and learning from it, is an important part of building resilience.”

  2. Help your child learn from their mistakes. Baumstein says, “Once failure occurs, have a sit-down and talk it through together: ‘What happened? What can we learn from this experience?’”

Teaching kids this age to be responsible, take care of their things, and manage their own time and emotions won’t be easy. But the alternative is that they enter high school without the maturity they need to handle the freedoms kids that age often enjoy.

3. Limit social media.

I cannot stress this enough. The self-esteem of middle schoolers is fragile enough without constant reminders of how much happier, prettier, and more interesting everyone else seems to be. Comparison is the thief of joy, and social media is all about comparison.

Social media is also a dangerous weapon in the hands of middle schoolers. This is an age when kids are trying to establish a social pecking order. Unfortunately, there’s no quicker way to take someone down a few pegs than to trash them on social media. At this age, even “good kids” can lack the empathy and maturity to realize how damaging a post can be.

Add this to the fact that it is addictive and a tremendous time consumer, and it’s easy to see why middle schoolers are better off if they enter their teen years relatively free from the pitfalls of social media. If you do allow your child to have social media, limit the amount of time your student is allowed to spend on the internet and keep extremely close tabs on all accounts. Better yet, scroll social posts together. Engage in conversations about what others are posting.

Most of all, as parents you can simply offer your students a safe place to land. Sometimes they just need space to clear their heads. They need you constantly reminding them they have value and that you love them despite the crazy.

Middle school isn’t easy, but with a little planning, preparation, and partnership, we will help your students thrive throughout these important years.


Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery

Proud Principal

Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School

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The First Week of School Reminders

The First Day of School is Tuesday, August 9th!

Please be on time. Leave early! There will be TRAFFIC.

School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.

School dismissal is at 2:24 p.m.

Campus Opens at 7:30 a.m.

  • There is limited supervision before school
  • Campus is open at 7:30 a.m.
  • Keep your students safe by not dropping them off before 7:30 a.m.

Wednesday, August 10th is Regular School Dismissal at 2:24 p.m.

A "typical" Wednesday has Homeroom at the start of their day with an early release time of 1:34 p.m.

Drop off and Pick up


*Arriving to campus early = no congestion, no traffic & a happy you!

Please be patient & courteous. #BeHuman Kind!

  • Enter Harrison Avenue.
  • Turn into parking lot and follow the cars ahead of you in line.
  • Drop students off closest to the bike racks and side gate entrance.
  • Students MUST have their ID badge on before walking on campus.
  • There is only one exit out of the parking lot onto Harrison Ave and it is right turn only. There are posted no left turn signs for exiting the parking lot.


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Health and Safety

Visitors On Campus and Checking Out Students Early From School

  • Any individual picking up a child up early from school need to be an emergency contact and have an I.D. to sign-out a child. (Students will not be released to anyone that is not on the emergency list and/or do not have an I.D.).
  • Our office staff will not be accepting over the phone verification of emergency contact updates.
  • All visitors need to check-in with our front office staff, scan their I.D. and wear the given visitor badge.

*Please ensure the emergency contact information in Parent Connect is updated to avoid delay when picking up your child early.

Update your Parent Connect Emergency Contact Information:


Parents, Guardians and Volunteers!

  • Parents/Guardians who are interested in supporting our Wolves on campus or as a chaperone can follow the district procedures on volunteering on the CNUSD website. Please click the link: Volunteer Information

Additional Safety Information

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Mental Health Resources

Need Help?

CNUSD is here to support you.

Your family can access our free tele-health and virtual therapy resources made available through our partner Care Solace. Those in need of support may contact Care Solace 24/7 at 888-515-0595, email weserve@caresolace.org, or access our district’s unique page: www.Caresolace.com/cnusdfamilies.

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Student Schedules

Please access your student's class schedule using Parent or Student Connect.

*Click the button "Show All" to see teacher names and room numbers.

We strongly encourage students to print, screenshot, and/or write their schedule down! Your student will be so glad to have their class schedule when they get on campus. (It's one less thing to worry about!)

Need a schedule change?

Please see the graphic below to know what is required for a schedule change. Students may put in a request for a schedule change after the first week of school. We ask for patience on this first week waiting period to allow us time to balance classes and determine availability.
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School Expectations

What Students Will Be Learning On The First Day Of School

Students will be introduced/review our PACK expectations. Here they are for your reference. Please discuss with your student to reinforce the home/school partnership.
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Couldn't make it to orientation?

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Student Email Etiquette

As we start the school year it is always a good reminder for our students to know how to write and send a meaningful, accurate and polite email. In Middle school email becomes a big part of communication with teachers and staff. Check out this graphic as a quick review.

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Be In The Know!

On Mondays students receive the newsletter: Wolves Weekly. Be sure to remind your child to check their email daily, so they don't miss out on important information!
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PTSA Membership

By purchasing a PTSA membership, you help support Ramirez students, teachers, staff and the community. Past activities have included blood drives, food drives and on campus festivities like dances, assemblies, ice cream socials and more! Please join PTSA by visiting Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School PTSA

Memberships are $10. Please buy one for every member of your family. Funds support Ramirez Intermediate and its students!

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Save the Date!

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CNUSD Child Nutrition

Click the link to see the school menu and more!

Child Nutrition Services

Parent Center News

Please take a moment to navigate the Parent Center website as it provides community resources and information on family workshops.


2022-2023 School Calendar

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Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School