Mountains and Basins

in Texas

Greetings from Texas! ✴

Hey Mrs. Steger! Wishing you were here in the Mountains and Basins with me. It is super hot here and I need a shoulder to lean on. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that you're missing out on some cool stuff! Here are some of the things I did here.

Rio Grande River

One of the prettiest rivers I've seen! The water is fresh, not the most bluest, and sparkling gorgeous. We took a float trip on it in the Boquillas Canyon for about 2-3 days. It was hot but absolutely amazing. The canyons were really cool, and really big. Something I would love to do again!

Seeking into the Cities

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun

Guadalupe Peak

The tallest mountain in Texas with an elevation of 8,751 ft above sea level, that's about a third of Mount. Everest. I grabbed an adventurous hike on this mountain. It was blazing hot I'll tell you that. Not much to see other than grass, wheat, and cacti, but the view at the top was just breath taking. Overall I'd do this hike again!