why do people in the U.S get framed


Why do people in the u.s get framed for something they didn't do and still go to jail?

Well in the u.s. there are about 2.5%-5% of people that are in jail that are innocent. [By the way 1% = 20,000 people].

Those people who are set up or framed, usually have rivals or tons enemies sometimes its people who really just hate them.

Here's one example,Andrew Symeou was framed for a murder of a British tourist in a Greek Night Club by a corrupt police officer. Also,for 18 mouths he's been in the most violent and squalid prisons in all of Europe. He spent his first night in a cell, saying, "The hot air was heavy with a pinch of stale cigarette smoke,also with a drop of warm body odor''. After 20 years Andrew Symeou got proofed innocent Andrew wouldn't have been in prison for 20 years if it wasn't for the corrupt cop.

If you don't want to end up like Andrew then don't get tons of enemies and there also other cases of getting framed I'ill give you some examples,stealing,rape,murder,drug dealing,and a fire that's only some examples there are tons left.

If you don't want to go to jail then try to stay away from that type of stuff, by the way if you don't want to be one of those 20,000 people then be careful who you trust.