Jon Peterson

Welcome to the Kansas City Boiler Room

We are the Father’s Kingdom Family of sons and daughters in Jesus Christ, living to see the Kingdom come in Kansas City and the whole world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The vision is Jesus.

Our Story

Our story stems back to the roots of friendship, prayer and dreaming. Five of us (Adam Cox, David and Molly Blackwell and Nathan and Marisa Chud) moved to Kansas City to pursue Jesus individually. We ended up meeting one another and striking up friendships that have surprised us all. It is quite simple actually - we really liked each other, which led to a lot of praying and dreaming together about things that Jesus cares about in His world. The next step was the five of us moving into a foreclosed former drug house on the east side of Kansas City in 2003. We had no idea what a crazy, often-comical adventure awaited us. Essentially, not much has changed since those early days except there are a lot more friends to pray and dream with. Friends who actually have become Kingdom family. We are growing up together.

Our dreaming led us, at one point, to England where we bumped into a fellow named Pete. He told us this incredible story about other groups of friends like us praying and conspiring all over the world. That was our crashing introduction to the global 24-7 Prayer movement. Leaving England, we all had the sneaking suspicion that our conversation with Pete was no coincidence, and it turns out we were right. We have been a part of that global family of friends now since 2004, watching God work in astounding ways. We were invited to pioneer the 24-7 Prayer office in the USA, and eventually accepted the invitation after much discussion, prayer and a few kicks in the pants. Through that we have had the privilege of hearing story after story of God’s incredible work in almost every strand of the Christian faith. Another facet to the 24-7 Prayer movement that we stumbled across was the emergence of Boiler Rooms. These new prayer communities committed to being places of rhythm - rest and sabbath, thoughtful engagement with neighbors and on mission in our world.

Our Father was delighted to add to our lives both those from Kansas City and a few others that courageously uprooted and moved here. The emergence of the KC Boiler Room in 2005 was merely an extension of the fruit of these relationships. We felt compelled to open wide our arms and share the good things we had experienced in friendship, prayer and dreaming. It was extremely natural to continue deepening the values we had already been living through increased intentionality. We are an ever evolving Kingdom family existing for and centered around Jesus. We are a church growing up in love for God, one another and the world. It seems with each new friend, the living organism of family is slightly shifted to present a more full picture of love.

You are welcome at the table in the intimate friendship and honoring culture of Kingdom family. Join us in the Father’s gracious “Kingdom Come” adoption dream for Kansas City and all the peoples of His earth. We can only wonder what is next in God’s unfolding story.


We enjoy being given to the Church in the servant roles that bring growth and maturity. Our life work is given to nurturing the heath of the Father’s family, in our fields of shepherding responsibility. The local fellowship of the Boiler Room has grown up into a place we happily call home.

We function as a mutually submitted team of friends that seek to empower one another as we bring our diverse input to consensus decision making. We receive the wisdom and directional guidance of our oversight team as ones who are invested in the health of our souls, our marriages and families, and our fields of relationships.