Increasing Critical Thinking and Rigor in the Classroom

What is the SAMR Model?

View the following presentation on the SAMR model of technology use in the classroom. As you are researching this model, think of how your lessons, you are presenting today, fit on the SAMR model.

Teaching Above the Line

After viewing the information about the SAMR model, choose one lesson/activity you are currently implementing/teaching in the classroom and share with your cohorts on the Padlet page. Share one way you could increase your activity on the SAMR model. Please comment and/or suggest ideas to your cohorts! (Make sure to add your name so others know who they are commenting to.)


Using the same presentation as before, review the TPACK model. How can this model be beneficial to you as you work to increase rigor in the classroom using technology? Share on the RealTime Board.

Final Reflections

You have spent some time reviewing 2 models to help guide your use of technology integration and transformation in the classroom. Using the Penzu online journaling tool, please offer your final reflections on these two resources. Please keep the following questions in mind while responding:

  • How were they beneficial to your teaching in the classroom?
  • What ideas will you take back to your classroom to help guide your teaching?
  • What questions do you still have?

Do I Understand?

Using either the SAMR or TPACK models, choose a lesson to share with your cohorts. If choosing the SAMR model, take a lesson through all steps of SAMR. Provide a brief description of how you are transforming your lesson through each level. Include any apps/resources you will use. If choosing the TPACK model, describe what aspects of your lesson will fit into each component. Take your cohorts through the development of the lesson where all components of TPACK is met.

This is meant to provide your cohorts ideas and opportunities to see great teachers' ideas. Hopefully, everyone will gain some insight as to how versatile these models are in every content and at every grade level.

You can choose any resource for your presentation. Please share through the Google Classroom module.