Library NewsBlast January 2016

Flushing High School Library Media Center

Welcome to the New Year!!

This year our school has started an independent reading initiative. All students are required to read an independent reading selection each marking period. We are encouraging the students to use their Queens Public Library card to request the books they most want to read. Our library circulation continues to improve each month! The top book circulated this month was Chains by Laurie Hall Anderson. To see the top books circulated each week and the new books added to our collection visit the Destiny Quest, linked to our library webpage. If you are looking for some good ideas for what to read next, check out You can read reviews of many books and also follow other members reading logs.

Opportunities for Teachers and Interesting Websites

PBS is looking for innovative digital educators who have a passion for using digital technology and media. They are selecting 100 teachers from across the country to become leading digital educators and attend the PBS LearningMedia Digital Educators Summit and the ISTE Conference in Denver, Col. from June 25-27, 2016. Apply online on the PBS website.

An exciting new websites created for educators to share lessons is the CORA website. CORA stands for Community of Online Research Assignments. Librarians and teachers can contribute lesson plans, research assignments and activities which engage students in information literacy skills.

New York Public Library recently released over 180,000 materials in the public domain. The public is free to use and reuse the digital images without permission or restrictions, providing you cite the image. To view the collection, visit the NYPL Public Domain Collection link.