NO Bullying in the Girls' Bathroom

Steps to Stop Bullying in the Girls Bathroom

Steps to take in the Girls Bathroom to PREVENT bullying!


1. Ignore the bully and hurry back to class.
2. Make a deal, or use chance to take turns so arguments don't happen.

3. Tell the bully how you feel.

4. Go out of the bathroom and tell the adult right away!

5. Take time to cool down and think smarter about how to handle the bully.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

  • These are helpful tips to prevent bulling.
  • It make our school a better place to learn, have fun, and be SAFE!
  • We are experts on bully prevention based on our readings and research.

Top Instructors: Ashely, Addy, Tayler, Brooke, and Zoe

If you need more information, please come see us at lunch or on the playground. We would love to help you solve your bulling problems and assist our community.