NHS UES Presents...



All grades will be participating in this program. We will be constructing two trees with painted recycled plastic leaves and flowers. It will be installed outside of the cafeteria. Violet from 4th grade said, "I loved all the colors and the painting was fun."


3rd- 5th grades showed off all they know while taking the PSSAs. Erin from 5th grade said, "I love how we got to chew gum." Cooper said,"I love the free time during the PSSAs." Zach said" I dont like them becuase they take forever."

Art Show

Students showcased their art work on March 26th. Ms. VanPragg's Naturals sang a collection of songs: "Party Rock," "Mirrors," "Count on Me," and "Mambo Italiano." Thank you, Mr. Mannion for showing us that "everyone is an artist."

3rd Grade Happenings

  • Starting to explore plants in science
  • Cultural heritage projects
  • Students will become young authors as they will be creating thier own hardcover books

4th Grade Happenings

  • Field trip on April 9th to the Da Vinci Science Center.
  • Their annual Invention Convention was a huge success. Many parents attended to see the various inventions. Some inventions included pillow pet crutches, rollerblade shoes, perscription football visor, and massaging shoes.

5th Grade Happenings

  • The 5th Grade had its annual Coffee House in their classrooms where students shared poems that they created.
  • The Reading Olympics was a huge success! Thanks, Mrs. Riva, for putting it all together.
  • The fifth grade will be going to the Constitution Center on May 19th.
  • Science Fair- The 5th grade science fair is coming up soon.